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Brabourne Stadium

The '''Brabourne Stadium''' is a famous International Cricket Stadium situated in the city of Mumbai. The stadium was established in the year of 1937. This is one of the oldest stadiums in India. The stadium is named after Lord Brabourne who played a great roll in the establishment of the stadium. This stadium is owned by the Cricket Club of India (CCI).

'''Location of Brabourne Stadium'''

The Brabourne Stadium is situated near the Churchgate Railway station of Mumbai (previously known as Bombay), in the state of Maharashtra.

'''Infrastructure of Brabourne Stadium'''

This is among the oldest stadium of India. It has a sitting capacity of 20,000 spectators at a time. This ground has huge out field with hi-tech facilities. The ground has a well equipped drainage system. The stadium also has electronics score board for the accuracy of the scores. The stadium has two ends, namely the Pavilion end and the Church Gate end.
The dressing room of the stadium is equipped with modern techniques. The stadium also has a well furnished Commentary box.

'''Outlook of Brabourne Stadium'''

The Brabourne Stadium hosted Test matches from the year of 1948 to the year 1972. The ground even hosts Bombay Pentangular matches. Since the early 1970s, the stadium was ceased from being the venue for international matches after the problem between the CCI and the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). This is the reason MCA built the Wankhade Stadium for playing international cricket matches.

The first Test match was played on 9th December, 1948, between India and West Indies. Whereas the first One Day International Match (ODI) was played in between Australia and Pakistan on 23rd of October, 1989.

The ground hosted its last Test match on 6th February 1973 between India and England and the last ODI on 5th November, 2006, between The World Champions Australia and West Indies.

'''How to Reach Brabourne stadium'''

Brabourne stadium is one of the international stadiums in India situated at church gate railway station in south Mumbai. The transportation in Mumbai is very well. One can get auto-rickshaws or bus from churchgate railway station or can get taxi from Mumbai international Airport. Taxies are also available at Airport.

'''Contact address of Brabourne Stadium'''

Brabourne Stadium,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,