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CID Special Bureau

CID Special Bureau 

Introduction CID Special Bureau is yet another endeavor to provide all our viewers an extra dose of their favorite show CID. With CID Special Bureau viewers can now look forward to contemporary and gripping stories with a different aspect of crime and investigation. CID Special Bureau producer BP Singh says, "This show is a classical mix of new-age technology and investigative wisdom. It stands a class apart because it deals with forgotten, unsolved crimes that are unearthed after years. It proves that no case is ever solved until closed!" CID Special Bureau delves into cold cases that have been left unsolved for many years. The special series will star the veteran Shivaji Satyam who is synonymous with the CID brand along with a fresh team of dedicated cops who will specialize in solving unsolved cases that have been gathering dust for years.

Timings CID Special Bureau airs on Sony on Monday and Tuesdays at 10.30 pm


Respected Sir, I am Rakesh Sen, 23 years old, Graduate. My dream is to be an honest Police Officer so that I work and do impressive for my mother India. I always respect Police and his uniform. I think that only a Police can eliminate crime, persecute from my barest of our mother. I want to achieve this uniform to the position where ordinary community respect Police Uniform after God. Hope, you will give me a chance to serve the nation and to archive my dream in future. Sir, Please give me kind consideration, so that I may be provided any job in CID. Awaiting for your kind reply. Thanking you, Your Sincerely, Rakesh Sen