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Can A Person Break His/Her Journey At An Intermediate Station?

The India Railways is at its service for the past 150 years and it serving the country and its people since then. It is one of the greatest and the busiest railway networks of the world. Thousands of people are employed under the India Railways and it is maintained by the Ministry of Railways and the Government of India. In the country the railways were introduced for the first time in the year 1853 and after the independence of the country it became a nationalized unit.

The India Railways is divided into different zones which are further sub divided into divisions. There are different zones like central, southern, eastern, western etc.

The passengers who are travelling by the Indian Railways will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Railway authority. Sometimes the passenger may have to face some change in their travel plans and if there are any certain changes the passenger should inform the authority or contact the reservation centre.

If the passenger requires breaking his or her journey at an intermediate station he or she should know the rules and regulations. If the passenger has the ticket for more than 500 kms, he or she can break the journey once for two days at any station in route. This facility is available only after travelling 500 km from the starting station. If the ticket of the passenger is for more than 1000 kms the passenger will be allowed to break the journey twice.

The departure day and arrival time must be excluded before calculating the number of available days for the break of the journey. But prior to breaking of the journey the passenger should endorse the ticket by the ticket collector or the station master at the station where the passenger wishes to break the journey.

But this facility is not available to the passengers who are travelling by Rajdhani or Satabdi or Jan Satabdi express trains. This facility is also not available for short of the station up to which the reservation has been made. It is better if the passenger opt for breaking the journey at the time of booking but not after obtaining the reservation.

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