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Can A Person Keep The Luggage In A Cloak Room While Waiting For Connecting Train Or Breaking A Journey?

Among the different amenities services of the Indian railways the one is the allowance of keeping the luggage in a cloak room while waiting for connecting train or breaking a journey. Sometimes it may happen that a person is going to some place but he or she will have to break the journey at a respective station. He or she may require getting down at a particular station and then catching another rain after some time to the scheduled destination. In that case the person can keep the luggage in the cloak room or the waiting room and wait for the train to arrive.

The cloak rooms and the safety lockers are available at the major stations where the passengers can keep the luggage in safe custody. The passenger should remember that the luggage locked are allowed to keep in the cloak rooms only. The locked luggage can be kept in the cloak room for a maximum period of one month on payment of the prescribed charges.

In the stations the waiting rooms are available for the passengers to keep their luggage and rest there. These waiting rooms are available for free, the passengers do not require paying any money or charges but the passengers need to show the ticket of the journey. The passengers are allowed to wait in the waiting room for some hours only, till the connecting or the next train arrives.

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