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Can A Ticket Be Bought Through Credit Card, Mobile Phone Or Travel Agent?

The Indian Railways Authorities have introduced many ways of booking a ticket. Traditionally the ticket can be booked only from the reservation centers. To book the ticket the passenger or the customer would have to stand and wait in the queue, fill the requisition for the ticket with proper details, submit the money and then he/she would get the ticket. This process is still continued and many people still book ticket through this process but the Railway Authorities for the convenience of the passengers have introduced many easy and fast ways of ticket booking. For example passengers now days can book ticket online, using the mobile phone, using the credit card or via travel agent.

To book the ticket online the customer will have to check the terms and conditions from the website of Indian Railways. Then he/she will have to provide the details carefully and if there is any children or senior person it should be mentioned to get the concessions. The passenger also needs to register which is free and then pay all the required charges. Once the charges are paid the ticket will be ready and the print out can be made.

To book the tickets using the mobile phone the same procedure is to be applied and for more details the customer should check the site

To book the tickets through the travel agents the passenger or the customer can approach to the Rail Travelers’ Service Agents and Railway Tourist Agents. They will book the tickets for the passenger on the payment of the prescribed charges. There are no separate reservation quotas assigned to such agents. Their staffs have to take their turn in the queue at the reservation office for the booking of tickets like any other passenger.

To get tickets using the credit card the customer can avail the facility only at important Computerized Reservation Centers at the payment of an extra additional charge of Rs 30/-.


It is not like that. As somany online ticket booking site have already launched Credit Card Facility to Book Railway Ticket.

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