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Cancellation Before Charting

The facilities of Indian Railways, internet ticket and e-ticket have brought in great convenience for the passengers and the customers. This facility has saved them from the long queues outside the reservation counters and the hassles of ticket booking. With these systems the customers can get the tickets sitting at the home within a very short span of time.

These systems also enable the cancellation of the tickets. These internet tickets can be cancelled at any reservation centers at any city within the time allowed for the day through the payment gate way electronically. If there is lapse of time allowed for cancellation then the tickets cannot be cancelled anymore. Rather it should be surrendered at the station and the TDR should be collected from there. The TDR should be sent to the Joint General Manager or Joint General Operations at New Delhi. The ERS cannot be cancelled at any regular ticket reservation center.

The internet tickets are allowed to book before the preparation of the charts. These tickets can also be cancelled before the preparation of the chart. The passenger is allowed to cancel the electronic reservation slip before the making of the chart. The passenger will have to log in to the IRCTC website with the username and the password. He or she will have to provide the same transaction number. The cancellation of the ticket will not be possible through any other username or log in id. CRIS will modify the PRS software to permit the arrangement. With the cancellation of the tickets IRCTC will refund electronically. There will be no refund of cash money in any case of cancellation.

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