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Cash back Credit Card

Round the year there are different kinds of discount offers in the retail outlets or different brands on festive occasions, people wait for it and then there is a shopping spree. Imagine!!! Getting reward on purchases or a discount on every purchase you make. Yes that’s possible with the cash back credit card.

In most of the credit card you earn points as reward, another way of enjoying this benefit is to get cash back in cheque or a rebate on all your purchases. Cash back credit card helps you get the cash back, depending on the terms defined in the credit card.

Some of the cash back credit cards in the market are

Blue cash from American express Discover More SM Card Discover Motiva Card

If you plan your budget annually/monthly and want to purchase all by credit card, it’s a good deal to use the cash bank credit card. For the credit limit you are eligible to use, make the purchase, depending on the minimum annual/monthly amount described by bank, the issuer bank returns back a percentage of the total purchase ,you can map it to the concept of reducing tax liability or a getting tax refund. The issuing bank have defines

Credit limit, Membership/annual/No fees charged

Minimum amount to be spent over a period of time to avail this utility Discount or cash back percentage on the amount spent, categories of purchase of retail, hospital, travel etc These cards come with other offers as well like insurance etc

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