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BSNL has been offering many number of value added services to its customers. Cellone is one of recent value added service extended by BSNl for its customers. Cellone includes Bsnl Telecom service via mobile which comes in both prepaid as well as in postpaid connection. The information below gives you more information on cellone plans and all the latest offers.

Cellone GPRS Portal[edit]

  • Cellone has introduced internet connection facility on cellone mobiles irrespective of the connection.
  • If you have cellone prepaid connection you would get the provision to switch to mobile internet by making the relevant GPRS setting and the usage charge gets deducted on a particular interval of time.
  • If you are a cellone customer with postpaid connection on your mobile then you can switch to internet facility on your mobile by making the appropriate GPRS setting on your mobile.
  • The usage charge of cellone internet connection on your mobile will get deducted every month end at the time of your postpaid bill generation.
  • To know more about cellone GPRS connection setting visit the GPRS portal of cellone by logging on to

Cellone Device settings[edit]

  • In order to access various value added services provided by Cellone you need to complete the device settings.
  • The device settings include GPRS settings, MMS setting, or wap settings etc. One cannot access the internet or any other value added services without making the prior settings.
  • To know more about various types of device settings you can visit
  • The device setting is totally based on the particular zone to which you belong to hence enter the right zone to make the correct device setting.

How to manage cellone menu[edit]

  • In order to make the right device management of your Cellone mobile you need to manage your cellone menu.
  • Simply log on to and enter your mobile number
  • Now you can get the list of various options allocated to you. These offers are special customized offers provided cellone customers

Cellone help desk contact numbers[edit]

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