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Channel V

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About Channel [V]

Channel V is a part of Star TV network. It’s an international music channel chain. It`s aired in many countries around Australasia, Asia and the Middle East. They play both mainstream and alternative music, with some focus on local music. Mainly English-language music is played, though the country-specific channels do play content of their own mother tongue. Channel V is in direct competition with MTV, not only in India but in many countries around the globe.

A number of VJ`s have been associated with this channel, VJ Yudi, Kim and Shruti being among the popular ones. Channel V has also stormed the nation with its very own brand of parties called the [v] Nights. The [v] Nights plays out at some of the most talked about nightspots in Mumbai City. The Guest list for this "invitee only" gig includes the crème de la crème of the society including music artists, models, <a href="/node/65082">Bollywood</a> stars, cool kids and the like.

The channel is choosing to focus on music-related content instead of reality-based or general entertainment content, as some other music channels have already done. One of the ways [V] is doing this is through the Back to Music Project which takes an artist and places him or her in a very private setting - traditionally Mocha in Juhu, which seats about 70 people - with a small group of fans who are free to ask the artist any questions that come to mind and there is no script to follow, its almost impromptu. At the Big [V] ten music fans in their early twenties were given cameras to make video blogs of their concert-going experience. The footage shot by these fans will be converted into a `blogumentary`, which will be aired on Channel [V].

Channel [V] Programs

• Latenight [V]
• Zabardast Hits
• [V] Good Morning
• [V] IQ
• [V] Archives
• Music
• Bolly V
• Beach Diaries with VJ Pia
• Webcam Goddess
• Aditya’s Playlist
• Bingo [V] on Campus
• Miss-takes of Sakira & Beyonde
• News Bollytin
• Goddess Workouts
• Bolly [V]

Channel [V] Programs

Miss-takes of Sakira & Beyonde - Mon-Tue, 7:30 pm
VJ Sakira and VJ Beyonde, two of the hottest women the world has yet to see. They are naughty, they are catty. This show promises all the gossip from Page 3 with a wicked twist. Delivers dose of your favorite Bollywood bomb shells, TV stars, fashionistas living it up as the Sakira & Beyonde do the weekly roundup.
News BOLLYTIN - Mondays, 7:30 pm

Simple Salma, a news caster dedicated to bring the latest Bollywood updates. Her sharp and vigilant team of reporters brings the exclusive scoop first. The News presents the most shocking, the craziest, and the funniest stories. Lola Kutty is back and has mastered the art of disguise watch her delivering the dose of Bollywood news like no one has dared to do it before. Beach Diaries with VJ Pia - Mon-Fri, 6:30 pm

VJ Pia takes to the favourite beaches across the country alongside also shows how to relax and soak up the sun! Watch her turn up the heat as she plays her favourite music. So, get your swim, wear out, get your shades on and get ready for some wild fun with VJ Pia.

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