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Character Certificate

'''Character Certificate'''

A Character Certificate is like letter of documentation which is given for an individual by some one else who is concerned with that particular person. It is generally required for any one to prove the positive attitude of their character to others at certain times. Hence this character certificate is written to provide the proof of an individual. It is normally like a recommendation letter which deals with the positive, good character and the overall abilities of a person.

'''A conduct certificate is another name for a Character certificate '''which is generally used by an individual for getting a job or it helps an individual is going to indulge in any business activities. When we are going to apply for the admission of a barrister or as a solicitor of high court we need to produce this character certificate. Since this certificate certifies you a proper person with good conduct and attitude.

'''In case of employment''', the employer will be demanding you for this certificate at various instances. Apart form the point of employment, this Character Certificate can be used various other purposes. This certificate which tells about the character of a person can be used by those people who do not have any history of employment or when they do not have the required positive reference from their employers. When moving apart from the employment category, this Character Certificate can also be used in case when a parent applies for adoption, or when any individual has been selected for any award or scholarships, etc.

A Character Certificate can also be used when a student is going join from a school to college or from one school to another. At the level of education, this certificate is termed as conduct certificate. Thus, this certificate usually refers to identify whether a person has or has not indulged any criminal activities within his education institute or organization or state.