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Chennai Customs

Based on the recent history the Chennai customs was formed by Lord Edward Clive at Fort St. George. It was then shifted to the present location at

Customs House No.60, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001

The apex body of the Chennai Customs is the Central Board of Excise & Customs. The country is divided into different zones for the sake of administration and Chennai Customs is one of the zones headed by a Chief Commissioner.


The objectives of Chennai Customs are to realize the revenues in an effective manner, administer the trade policies of the Government of India, streamline trading, simplify the customs and excise process to enhance the competitiveness of the Indian businesses, provide guidance for voluntary compliance and to combat duty evasion and other frauds effectively.

Roles and Functions

It is the duty of the Chennai Customs to play an important role in the growth of the economy of the country by collecting the needed tax for the goods that are attempted to be smuggled into the country. Tax collection in the form of customs duty, surcharge, countervailing duty, anti dumping duty, cess, safeguard duty, special additional duty and other duties are done by the Chennai Customs. Chennai Customs administers the Governments economic tariff and policies related to trading. It also spearheads the export promotion drive of the Government of India. They prevent smuggling, tax evasions, and trading narcotics. Based on the different Acts, they take enforcement measures on behalf of the Government of India.

Intelligence Units of Chennai Customs

The Customs department in Chennai has Dock Intelligence Units and Air Intelligence Units. The Docks Intelligence Unit gathers information about the export and import made through Chennai Harbor and prevents any revenue loss to the Government by effecting seizures of goods. The activities of the Dock Intelligence Unit are mostly around Chennai Harbor. The Air Intelligence Unit operates in Air Cargo complex and the Chennai International Airport. They are responsible for screening passengers, baggage and air cargo. They also keep track of illegal networks that smuggle goods, detect any hidden items, and seize smuggled goods.


Dear sir/Madam As i have sent cargo on 27th May 2010 and my AIRWAY bill no is 60706199513 and i cleared my good on 31st MAY 12:00 pm when i pay money in counter they are telling that concern person is not available now wait for a moment but we was waiting for more than 3 hours later he came we paid it there. But when i reach gate concern person in gate telling me that you are in next day you have to pay another 2500 for extra. I was waiting to pay money in counter but he was not there that why i was waiting because of that person i need to pay RS. 2500 so please take necessary action for refund us otherwise i will complain to higher authority. thanx

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