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Chennai to Mumbai

Chennai to Mumbai by Air[edit]

With a non-stop flight it takes 2 Hr 05 Min to cover the Distance between Chennai To Mumbai by flight. Time may be different depending on the route of the flight. You can take a flight from the domestic terminal of Chennai Airport, 58 km from the nearest city, Vedanthangal. The domestic flights Terminal of Mumbai is located at Santa Cruz. With the aid of local transport modes it is possible to reach central part of Mumbai within 90 Mins if you don’t get caught in Mumbai’s unpredictable traffic jams.

Airfare Chennai to Mumbai

Economy Class--Rs 4,079 to Rs 11,489
Business Class--Rs 10,624 to Rs 23,230

Chennai to Mumbai Flights

Departure---Airlines-----------Days -----Arrival-------Flight Num

04:15 --------Air India---------Daily -----06:00 --------AI641
05:00 --------Air India --------Tue/Fri ---06:50 --------AI816
05:25 --------Air Deccan -----Daily ------07:10 --------DN613
07:00 --------Indian -----------Daily ------08:45 --------IC971
07:15 --------Jetair ------------Daily ------09:00 --------9W482
08:25 --------Air Sahara ------Daily ------10:10 --------S2622
08:30 --------Indigo -----------Daily ------10:25 --------6E382
09:10 --------Kingfisher ------Daily ------10:55 --------IT182
09:15 --------Jetair ------------Daily ------11:00 --------9W464
09:30 --------Indigo -----------Daily ------13:30 --------6E275
09:45 --------Indian -----------Daily -------11:30 --------IC969
10:05 --------Go Air -------Daily Ex Sun -11:40 --------G8352
12:10 -Air India Express -Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat -14:00 ------IX602D
12:25 --------Jetair --------Daily --------14:10 --------9W335
13:50 --------Indian -------Daily --------17:15 --------IC993
13:55 --------Spicejet -----Daily --------15:45 --------SG294
14:15 --------Jetair --------Daily --------16:00 --------9W325
15:15 --------Indian -------Daily --------16:55 --------IC672
17:45 --------Indian -------Daily --------19:30 --------IC174
17:50 --------Jetair --------Daily --------19:35 --------9W468
18:15 --------Air Deccan -Daily --------19:55 --------DN713
19:15 --------Jetair --------Daily --------20:55 --------9W470
20:20 --------Spicejet -----Daily --------23:15 --------SG402
20:25 --------Jetair --------Daily --------22:10 --------9W462
20:30 --------Kingfisher --Daily --------22:15 --------IT184
20:55 --------Indian ------- Daily --------22:40 --------IC571
21:00 --------Indigo ------- Daily --------22:45 --------6E422
21:30 --------Air Sahara --Daily --------23:10 --------S2624
22:00 --------Go Air -------Daily --------00:45 --------G8378

Chennai to Mumbai by Train[edit]

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the main Railway station in Mumbai. Dadar and LTT railway stations are also important stations in Mumbai. The central Railways as well as Western Railways serves this metro city to stay connected with all states and cities in the country. Chennai is connected to Mumbai through South Western Railway and is at a distance of 1,283km and takes 28 Hr 25 Min to reach Mumbai.

Railway Fare

AC 2 Tier(2A) - Rs.1,440 // AC 3 Tier(3A) - Rs.1,046 // 3 Tier sleeper(SL) - Rs.383

Train No. and Train name--------Dep.---------Arr.

1028 Mumbai Mail (Daily)-------22:50-------03:45
1042 Mumbai Express(Daily)----11:45-------13:45

Chennai to Mumbai by Road (Car or Bus) Services[edit]

Despite all the network of National Highways, Express Highways and interstate roads there is no bus traveling from Chennai to Mumbai and vice-versa. It’s a distance of more than 1200 km and would require 21 hours to travel by road, using a private or rented vehicle. It is not possible without sometimes leaving NH and taking other roads in the city interiors.

Road route from Chennai to Mumbai

Take NH9 from Chennai(Tamilnadu)- Cuddapah(Tamilnadu)-Bellary(border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka)-Solapur(Maharashtra)-Pune(Maharashtra)-Mumbai(Maharashtra).

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