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Chennai Rajdhani Express

There are many trains that connect New Delhi to Chennai. However, the best train in terms of luxury and speed is the '''Chennai Rajdhani Express'''. Train No. 2433 runs from Chennai to Hazrat Nizamuddin. It runs twice a week- on Friday and Sunday. The train begins at 6.10 AM and reaches New Delhi at 10.15 AM on the next day. The journey is covered in 28 hours and 5 minutes. The distance of 2176 kms is covered in just 8 stops. You will have to pay Rs. 4390 for a 1st AC ticket, Rs. 2625 for a 2nd AC ticket and Rs. 2075 for a 3rd AC ticket.

Chennai Rajdhani Express Train No. 2434 runs from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Chennai. This train too has AC berths only. There are '''no 2nd Sleeper coaches''' on this train. This train runs on Wednesday and Friday i.e. twice a week. The train leaves New Delhi at 4 PM and reaches the capital of Tamil Nadu at 8.10 PM on the next day. The return journey takes 5 more minutes as compared to the journey to New Delhi. The train makes 8 stops and covers a distance of 2176 kms. A 1st AC ticket costs Rs. 1st AC costs Rs. 4500, 2nd AC costs Rs. 2700 and 3rd AC costs 2075. This train makes two long non stops runs- 431 kms from '''Chennai and Vijaywada''' and 406 km non stop run between '''Nizamuddin and Jhansi'''

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