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Commission on Money Order

The Commission on Money Order charged by the Indian postal services is very nominal. With the single money order form you can send a money order for maximum Rs 5000. To transfer your money form one place to another the Post Office charges you with a commission of Rs 5 for Rs100. So you can say that you will have to pay 5% of the amount that you want to send as Commission on Money Order to the post office.

When you fill in the form for sending MO you can pay the amount you want to send and the Commission on Money Order either by cash or you can also make the payment through Cheque. The Post Office accepts the commission either way.

In due to some reason you want to stop the payment of the money order you initially applied to deliver. You will just have to fill in the application form or the telegram charges. The postal services will not charge you will any commission for the canceling the money transfer.

So with the nominal Commission on Money Order of Rs 5 behind every Rs 100 or Rs 250 for the money transfer of maximum Rs 5000 each time you can send your money through the Indian Postal Services.

For the instant money order online through the post office the commission of Rs 150 is charged for amount ranging from Rs 1000 to 5000 and extra commission of Rs 20 for every Rs 5001 to 10000 and so on. For the maximum amount of instant money order (online) the commission is Rs 330.