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Compensation For Train Accidents/ Untoward Incidents

The Indian Railways provides different types of facilities for the convenience of the passengers. It gives different types of concessions and rewards to its employees and the passengers. For example is any mishap happens to the passenger of the Indian Railway while travelling from one place to another and if any injury is caused the railway authority will pay a certain amount of compensation.

The Indian Railway is liable to pay compensation to the passengers of the rail if they die or any injury is caused because of any accident. The Indian Railway is to pay the compensation under the section 124 of the Railway Act, 1989. The Indian Railways is also to pay compensation for death and injury of platform ticket holders on account of ‘untoward incidents’ as defined under the section 124 – A of the Act. The Untoward incidents include death, injury on account of commission of a terrorist act, robbery, dacoity, violent attack, rioting, shoot out or arson by any person in the train carrying the passengers. If the passengers are carrying any arson in the waiting room, cloak room, reservation or booking center, platform, or in any place within the precincts of railway station. If any passenger accidentally falls from the railway carriage or the train compartment the Indian Railways will also compensate that person according the injury. To claim the compensation the claimants should file the claims in the Railway Claims Tribunal.

The amount of compensation for death and permanent disability is Rs 4 lakhs. For injuries the minimum amount is Rs 32000/- and the maximum amount is Rs 3.60 lakhs. The amount depends on the gravity of the injury.

The amount for ex - gratia relief after any accident or untoward incidents are:

  • Death – Rs 15000/-
  • Grievous injury up to 30days of hospitalization – Rs 5000/-
  • Grievous injury up to further 6 months of hospitalization – Rs 1000/- per week
  • Grievous injury up to further 6 months of hospitalization – Rs 500/- per week
  • Simple Injury – Rs 500/-