Conservation of Petroleum and Coal in India

Energy Conservation

  • Energy conservation Act. – 2001 provides for a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for the efficient use of energy and its conservation.

Conservation of Petroleum and Coal in India

  • National Energy conservation Award Scheme - 2005 was launched.
  • “National Campaign on Energy conservation” was launched by P.M. on National Energy conservation Day – 14 Dec, 2004.
  • On 18 May 2006 “National Energy Labeling Programme” was finally launched.

Conservation of Petroleum and Coal in India

Conservation of Petroleum Coal

  • Petroleum conservation Research Association (PCRA) (1978) – to promote conservation of Petroleum products in the major sectors like transport, industry, households and Agriculture.
  • It is promoting the use of Bio fuels and Urban Energy Management, and Jatropha based diesel in rural sector.
  • Conservation of Coal enjoins maximum recovery of in- situ reserves.
  • Mechanized open cast mining- presently adopted technology .
  • Long wall and continuous mining technology – yields 70- 80% recovery but its adoption has not been possible in India due to difficult geo- mining conditions.
  • The coal Conservation and Development Act- 1974.

Conservation of Petroleum and Coal in India
Publicity & Awareness creation on new & Renewable energy sources

  • Rajiv Gandhi Akhshay Urja Divas (20 August) to commemorate the birth anniversary of the late P.M (since 2004).
  • Public Awareness Programmes are organized on mass scale on this day.
  • District Advisory Committees have been set up with the Collector as its Chaiman to create awareness.
  • Renewable energy Clubs are been set up in AICTE recognized Engg. Colleges all over the country.
  • Media Workshops are being organized.
  • A compendium on Renewable Energy contacting up- to- date information on renewable energy has been released.

> Conservation of Petroleum and Coal in India
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