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Cooking & More

Cooking & More is a bi-monthly magazine published in India. The magazine is completely related to feminine interest. The famous cook/ chef, Mrs. Tarla Dalal is the owner of this magazine. The magazine provides information and expertise, not just related to kitchen, but spreading to other aspects of our homes and lives as well. So, do not go by its name as it gives useful information on lifestyle, knowledge, entertainment, health and lots more.


Tarla Dalal has been a force behind many cookbooks and this particular magazine. But Cooking & More is most special to her as she puts in all her rich experience of life into this journal. Tarla Dalal also handles the post of editor of the magazine and has been successfully doing the job since the inception of the magazine. Over the recent years Cooking & More has turned out to be one of the most liked magazines in India in its sector, i.e. family interest. Cooking & More emerged as a result of her aim of providing the general people of the country "inspiration" along with information.


The contents of Cooking & More are not limited to recipes and other details of kitchen......rather spread to various other issues relating to lifestyle, health, spirituality, entertainment and many more. She includes handicrafts like how to beautifully set up a dinner table with going extravagant in nature, which we have long forgotten. She also teaches us how to add love and emotions to our recipes and pamper our loved ones. According to Mrs. Dalal, it is the simple pleasures and happiness which fill our moments with joy and also helps us relax. The issues contain articles on nutrition, dietary problems, lifestyle designs and everything else which make our life beautiful and "tasty".

Contact Details of Cooking & More

Cooking & More Sanjay & Co. A-1, 353, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate Dhanraj Mills Compound, Lower Parel West. Mumbai- 400013 India Web:


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