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Copy of Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is an important document that is required to be prepared right after the birth of child. In India, birth certificate is very important because you need to submit it with all other documents while applying for visa, passport, during admission procedure and various other reasons. It is an identification proof for an individual of being a citizen. Obtaining a copy of original birth certificate is also essential because in many states in India, copy of the birth certificate is required while applying for marriage certificate, driver’s license or any other reason.
The procedure to get copy of birth certificate is not much difficult because if you are carrying the original birth certificate then you don’t have to go under long procedure. However, it may take time if the person is born in the early 1900-1910, so all the records have to be checked. It is important that the copy of the birth certificate should be carried along, instead of the original because you may need it anytime. The procedure of getting copy of birth certificate can differ online and offline.
Applying copy of birth certificate,

Applying for copy of birth certificate offline

Individual can obtain the certificate by applying for it in the recorder office of the state. There he/she has fill the given form where all the required are to be filled. Candidate has to submit some required attached documents and also has to pay specific amount for the form. Candidate has to wait for some days to get the copy of birth certificate.
Applying copy of birth certificate,

Applying for birth certificate through mail

Now individual no need to visit the recorder office, because the same can be applied by sending a mail. The application will be forwarded to the Public Health Department for further procedure. Fill all the details of the form perfectly and the sent it through mail or fax. While applying through email make sure that all the timing of the birth is perfectly written, because it happens that due to excitement you will miss to know the exact time of birth.
The copy of birth certificate should have the perfect time of the birth or else all the records will be spoiled. If you are carrying the original copy of the birth certificate then it can be very helpful for you. However, it would be used just for document purpose.