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Correspondence Research Courses

What are correspondence research courses?

Correspondence research courses are research related courses which can be conducted or attended by staying at home via the internet facility. These courses are designed under distance learning procedures/programs.

Distance education, or distance learning, is a field of education that focuses primarily on the pedagogy, technology and instructional systems design that try to impart education to students who are not physically present on site. With the recent trend of technological and digital advancement, correspondence research courses are becoming more recognized for their potential for providing individual attention and communication with students globally.

Correspondence research courses are still emerging as a potential form of education. Nowadays, it is being widely used in universities and institutions and colleges, especially at the doctorate level.

Some of the types of distance research education courses are:

• Correspondence conducted through regular mail. • Telecourse/Broadcast, in which content is delivered via radio, television. • Pocket PC/Mobile learning, where the student accesses content stored on a mobile device or via a wireless server.

The major benefits of the use of correspondence research courses are:

Expanding Access: Correspondence research courses can reach under privileged students who cannot afford to go to a school that offers the educational service they desire, or may be, they live too far away. • Emerging Market Opportunities: Such courses add fuel to the people's need for lifelong education by providing access to the learners not in the traditional manner. • Adapting to new technology and environments: Educational institutions may adopt correspondence courses as a means to adapt to the rapidly evolving technology.

Some of the common research correspondence courses are:

• Clinical Research • Research in Journalism • Research related to English literature • Feng Shui Corresponding Course and many more.

Apart from these, there are many other research related correspondence courses. One of the primary and most important aspects of correspondence research courses is the ready availability of materials, study notes, etc.


hello sir, my name is sharanya.i have completed my i eligible to do a research programme in journalism? if so what is the process? plz reply me.thanking you.

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