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Creating Life Money Back Plan Of ING Vysya Life Insurance

This is yet another insurance policy from ING Vysya Life Insurance that has been designed specifically to help the insured in making their child a successful individual and also to have a bright future. This is one such policy from ING Vysya that would offer insurance cover to the child even if their parents are no more.

Some of the key benefits that this insurance policy offers are as follows:

  • The sum assured is paid to the child soon after the sudden demise of its parents.
  • The insurance premiums for the future are waived off if the parents of the child die during the term of the policy.
  • Survival benefit is guaranteed in Creating Life Money Back Plan of NG Vysya Life Insurance.
  • The insured is also entitled to have revisionary bonus benefit under this policy.

Some of the features of this policy are as follows:

  • A person needs to be more then eighteen years of age to become eligible for subscribing to this policy. The maximum age limit for this policy has been fixed to fifty five years. The maximum maturity age has been fixed to seventy years for this policy.
  • The term for the payment of premium is also very flexible. The insured can choose either fifteen, twenty and twenty five years.
  • The options for the payment of premiums are yearly, quarterly, half-yearly and monthly. As a result of this the insured is getting huge freedom in making the payment of their insurance premium. This feature enables the insured to pay their insurance premiums very easily to keep the policy intact and healthy.
  • The minimum amount that is to be paid as insurance premium is Rs. 8,000 per year. The monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly premium money is Rs. 750/-, Rs. 2,000/-, Rs. 4,000/-.

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