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Crime / Fidelity Insurance Of Tata AIG General Insurance

This Crime/ Fidelity policy of Tata AIG General Insurance is such that the company is protected against their own employees. The question arises that why one needs to be protected against their own employee, to which the answer is that most of the fraud is carried by their own employees. The fact remains that senior people who are in system for long and have a lot of experience often lead to do fraud either by themselves or with the help of some other people who are in the same organisation or even outside.

We witness many such cases on daily basis in newspaper and sometimes it is not brought out as reputation of the organisation could be at stake. There are intelligent people who keep such fraudulent activities under cover and if they come out in limelight name of accident is given to it. There could be many reasons for the fraud to happen. It could be that companies merge and emotional attachment are with them so employees tend to fraud.

It is that people who are trusted more end up with fraud and that could be due to mental stress or the eagerness to achieve as much possible in least time specified. It could also so happen that one does not like the present boss which is also major issue and reason behind fraud. There could be numerous other examples cited of cases where staff is involved in their own companies fraud activities, no one wishes for such activities but it does take place.

Therefore the Crime/ Fidelity policy of Tata AIG General Insurance is designed for companies who do not want to take any risk for their employees in respect to reputation or any fraudulent activities which can lead to monitory loss also.