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Dalit Voice Magazine

History of Dalit Voice

Being published from Bangalore, Dalit Voice has already become one of the famous magazines discussing political issues in India. It mainly focuses on the Dalit movement in India regarding their own needs and wanting, as they are considered to be the most deprived class of India. The full name of the magazine is “Dalit Voice” which itself reflects the aim of the magazine. V.T rajshekhar, former journalist of “INDIAN EXPRESS” laid the foundation of this magazine in 1981. He himself is the editor of the magazine.

Contents of Dalit Voice

This magazine has been nominated for a check for its NEUTRALITY. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY explained the magazine as “characterized by strong anti-Brahminist, anti-caste and anti-racist stance, advocacy of liberation from Brahmanism, and polemical tone. Self-proclaimed as "the sole spokesman for the entire deprived, dehumanized lot of India...”, -- Dalits, Backward Castes, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, women -- "all victims of the Aryan Brahmin cal racism”. The articles that are found to attack Hinduism, Zionism, Jews and American Neo-conservatism are highlighted in the magazine. This magazine focuses upon the beliefs and ideas of above mentioned.

It was said in the magazine that the September 11 attack in 2001 on America was nothing but a created conspiracy by the Zionists who controlled the administration of Mr.George .W. Bush. Then to conclude we can say that Dalit Voice is a magazine that has a bunch full of politics highlighted in it.

Target Readers

The target readers of the Dalit Voice are obviously, especially the Dalits of India. But the main shortcoming behind targeting them is that most of them are uneducated. Consequently they don’t get that much of opportunity to go through it. Another reason is their poverty; most of them can’t even afford it. But politically aware educated Indian Society keep in touch with this magazine regularly.

Contact Details of Dalit Voice

Dalit Voice
109, 7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards
Bangalore – 560003
Phone: 91-80-23366771


the dalit people of west bengal 85 the dalit voice magagine is very very essential in our country.

1. Be strong and courage..... Go ahead, don't fear you are right, and lead the people for better society. Being a Dalit proud of you, Dalits having very important role in Indian Politics to serve the downtrodden. let us take this opportunity. National Dalitsatta Working Committee, (NDSWC)Dalitsatta- India. 2. Dear Friends…, We can overcome these all atrocities only with Political empowerment. It is nobody offers, But has to be taken by own Initiate and Sacrifice, Politicians are not born…. They are molded and exposed in the society by Active Presence and Identification. District Dalit Committee, West Godavari, AP (DDC )Dalitsatta- India. 3. Dear Brothers and Sisters………, We are born to be free and to change the society, not for discrimination and slavery, remember school days…”India is my country let us love our people. Be a true citizen of India. Dalit Student Federation, (DSF) Dalitsatta- India. 4. Choose your life track…. Serve with Dalitsatta, don’t be patient, let us wake-up work together for National Integration. Dalit Trade Union, (DTU) Dalitsatta- India. 5. Dalit Means: The people who are thrown away by upper caste Socially, Educationally, Economically and Politically. They are notified SC/ST in The Government. Scheduled Castes, & Scheduled Tribes Employees Welfare Association, (SEWA) Dalitsatta- India. 6. Let’s don’t be foolish ourselves by watching Ads. on welfare schemes for SC and ST it is only a show. Those are linked with someone higher caste. In practical to disclose. Dalit Pradesh Committee, Andhra Pradesh. (DPC) Dalitsatta- India. 7. Dalitsatta is open to all… Welcomes you, Dalit are everywhere, our strength is powerful, Our services are Great. Dalit Youth Brigade, (DYB) Dalitsatta- India (Geddada Vijay Kumar) Chairman National Dalitsatta Working Committee (NDWC) 'Dalitsatta-India' Fondation for Reservations Reforms (Regd.) Cell: 0091-9014324494,

Its really a great magazine to understand of the history of India. I give all my wishes to Rajshekar who is serving the root men of India. Thanks and we proud to b a Moolnivashi. Jai Bhim jai Bharat.

dalit mobility is important at nnational level you are realising also we are investigating dalit matters through Creative Intelligence Group

Kiran, teacher from mysore [kiran16867@gmail.Com].. Sir.. I want to subscribe to DALIT VOICE, Plz show me the way. Thank you..

Kiran, teacher from mysore [kiran16867@gmail.Com].. Sir.. I want to subscribe to DALIT VOICE, Plz show me the way. Thank you..

I a.k.gautam want to subscribe to DALIT VOICE, Plz show me the way. Thank you.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU This is my happiest moment ever now. I have spent more than thirty years for finding out it and now I could succeed in it with great pleasure and enjoyment after my continuous hard work of thinking about my problem in India. Yes, what I expect ever is happened now. I could reach the extreme thought of a powerful human brain and GOD blessed me now without any hesitation to reveal the real truth hiding it behind the strong emotions of the powerful human brain and the moral feelings of god gifted pure simple human mind about the humanity in Our great nation India exists even today. Yes, it is the Caste System which exists even now in our modern India without any difficult among our all communities of different religions in our great nation India. Surely, it is an enigma to foreigners also about our India even after the loss of the lives for many years of our great young lions like Mr.Swami Vivekananda who lived here for more than thirty years in India at a stretch like our spontaneous spokesman throughout the world as well as the great human beings among us in our different worlds in our most respected Earth. Now I am able to break the very ever strong bondage of caste system existing among our communities of different religions in our great nation India. Yes, be patient ever for reaching such a wonderful moment with my earnest effort behind it for more than twenty years by such a beloved lover of our great nation India as well as my strong ambitions to escape my people from such cruel worlds of pure Human Sex. I could not sleep well for the last three months due to my great enthusiasm to find out at the earliest the real truth of surviving caste system even after two thousand years passed without any changes in its strong powers among our people of India. I think I could read a lot of good books and I could read the real minds of good people in India by my magical thoughts by the powers of great Mathematics. Yes, I sent many e-mails to our relevant people among us but I could not reach up to their any help for me for my fast and speedy proclamation of it that I am able to solve all the socio-economic problems of our society in India through my simple mathematical calculations. It is a great humbug by me by our great words of our great Ministers of Kerala and of India during the last three months in 2012 without asking any notes up on it. That is why my humble effort to solve this problem of untouchability within our country within limited time and without any risk and cost of human lives in our Earth. First off all I did not believe in GOD at all at any serious moments in my life while finding out the reasoning of caste system in India during my engineering college days in 1987. It is because we had a lot of such great persons among us during the history of the real and very open pictures of our caste system with the belief in gods even after having our political freedom from the Great Britain in 1947. Then the words of great scientist Mr.Einstein that GOD never plays unnecessary things in the world. Of course I started to believe in it without any doubt till now for the sake of my down-trodden people of India the Untouchables. Really it is a great Endeavour for me to do such things that since you know my strong belief on gods who are giving high protection on the lives of upper caste in India by their own lovable gods at their holy places at any cost and at any moments in lives even after the moment of the brutal rapes done by them up on the wretched unwanted unnecessary children of the Untouchables in India. I am a Mathematician in my life always and I could secured the full marks in that subject in S.S.L.C. It is not a big tragedy to my enemies but even then they tried and succeed in that matter by giving the first place at my Grama Panchayath level at Mathamangalam school among the students of S.S.L.C. to Mrs.Dr.Leena.K.C. who secured less marks in S.S.L.C.Examination than that of mine since she was one of my upper caste girls in my school during my studies in 1987.No doubt it is theirs and even the Universe too I could realize that at that moment without any tear drop in my eyes. Yes, I will fight against these atrocities without any weapon or murder and out of that I calmly thought ever and ever. I gave all sincere flourished flowers to my humble soul who is me at that moment. No, I will not cry at any moment at any cost even at my life which will be expiring by their great gods who are the real protectors of all their beautiful valuable lives in India. What can I do? I did not resist any hardships happening in my life. I accepted all of them whole heartedly, all the humbugs of our upper castes in our nation and I tried to analyze their activities through the great epics great Vedas great books of Hindus. What I did is correct? Yes, it is my great luck that the world of great communications could be opened us without anybodies help nowadays to the world of great different knowledge of our Earth. Yes, I travelled smoothly through such ways very carefully and much enjoyably by sitting at my dome Pazhassy Quarters at Kannur. It is the Kama the power of human brain and the Sneha the great feelings and the smooth powers of human mind fighting in the world against their existences each other for the success in human lives at all time in our lovable Earth. This is the real life of human beings in the Universe. I am only a spectator in the world and I want to live in this Earth with my family with all happiness this is my motto ever. Do you agree with me? Yes, I will live here for all time for all of you without any agony for fighting each other with such sexual powers of human minds such as Kama and Sneha in our society. Then think about the caste system in India which makes all types of annoyances to the majority of people in India even now without their faults in life or without their faults by not to be able to express their pure love to their upper caste people at any occasion at any cost without any chains on their arms and legs for years and years. Why? So what? Nothing more to say about our struggles due to the caste system in India I have already revealed everything within limited words and within your limited valuable time in your god gifted life. Yes, I think I could solve this great enigma of Indian culture that ever tried and failed by our all humanists even by our Great Scholar Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Great Budha, Great many humans to expelled of it in India and in abroad even in Modern Times of India. Can you think of my words Kama and Sneha. Yes,If we are aware of the strength of these ever powerful emotions of human brain and mind it can exploit all the bondages of caste system by using its all limits as well as its limitations in the real world of human life. Now I am just throwing my these two words to the minds of Intellectuals and they can surely solve the exact problems of the Indians by analyzing with their strong powerful brains and deep knowledge about the world in all the fields. And I am sure that they will do it because they are also human beings in our Universe and Great hard workers of the Earth. See you. Good bye. Any doubt contact over my mobile number:9447485603 the great BSNL of India. Be love each other for any time and fight each other for small silly matters without giving much important to the Earthly feelings and emotions and after giving respects as well as giving everything to others by without any hesitation by our common senses the GOD knows everything well and well and we should also be understood by our life after having a hundred years life in our own Earth profoundly and richly. TO WHOM IT MAY EVER CONCERN By Jayarajan Kaniyeri,Rajina,Abhinand and Abhinaya. The Greatest untouchable man in modern India.

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I am a dalit,fortunately one old issue of dalit voice publication I got & read sincerely. I would like to have the periodical regularly. You are therefore requested to enroll my name & address in your register & kindly arrange to send it so that I get aware the present status going on in India. Pl. Sir.

people belong to dalit commnity must read the Dalit Voice Magazine to know their present plight and should be united under one umbrella to raise voice against any kind of discrimination towards them and try to change othetrs view to establish equality in every level of the society.

people belong to dalit commnity must read the Dalit Voice Magazine to know their present plight and should be united under one umbrella to raise voice against any kind of discrimination towards them and try to change othetrs view to establish equality in every level of the society.

people belong to dalit commnity must read the Dalit Voice Magazine to know their present plight and should be united under one umbrella to raise voice against any kind of discrimination towards them and try to change othetrs view to establish equality in every level of the society.

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Sir, I want to subscribe Dalit Voice. Kindly tell me the cost. Am coming to Bangalore on 23 rd this month.

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Hey do you want to cover Mayank Kumar of CEO Opinio(, he is also dalit making name in tech industry.

We were the subscriber of Dalit Voice (JHA7). We send you subscription charges but it was not accepted and returned back. Please show another way like Bank Transfer system to subscribe.