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Database Services

Database lays at the core every application. It provides the corporation companies with the support of customer care, production operation, sales and marketing operation, internal operation etc. Database lays from the day to day operation to making of strategic decisions. The databases are the engines that drive to continue the business. Database Services SQL Server technicians have the understanding and ability to make sure that the database environments of the offices have high presentation, safety measures, and accessibility.

The most important features of Database Services are:

• Database gives support 7 x 24 x 365

• It supports the installation, up gradation, configuration and migration.

• Also features proactive monitoring, administration using SQL Server Management Studio on daily basis.

• Availability of high database like clustering, log shipping, replication and mirroring.

• Database supports the back up and the recovery issues.

• It also supports the disaster recovery, testing and analysis.

• Monitoring and Tuning of the Windows Operating System and SQL Server performance.

• Tuning and troubleshooting of application.

• T-SQL development and scripting.

• Writing of spec for hardware.

• SQL tuning analysis.

• Capacity planning and space management.

• Maintenance and administration of security.

• Creation and management of object.

The Database services guarantee the performance of critical problems like: • Availability of Database

• Recoverability and Backup

• Problem Management

• Quality Management

• Change Management

• Proactive Database Monitoring

• SOX and HIPAA Compliance

• Monthly Reporting

The Database services team accomplishes the problematic tasks such as: • SQL Database Optimization

• SQL Server Re-indexes and Defrags

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