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Death Certificate

The ''' Death Certificate ''' is the document that is issued by the Government of India to the relatives of the deceased person. The document contains the date of death of the person stating the cause and facts related to death. The government in India has made it mandatory to register every death. The death should be registered within a period of 21 days with the state government of the respective state.

''' What is the need of Death Certificate? '''
The death certificate is required for the following purpose
* To prove the time of death
* To prove the time of death
* For establishing the facts related to the death of person
* It helps the family to claim insurance benefits
* It proves very useful in settlement of disputes related to property inheritance
* The document also relieves the family or relatives from the social or legal obligations

''' Application for obtaining Death Certificate '''

In India the government has provided with many options for making an application for the Death Certificate of the deceased person. The relatives can apply for the death certificate with any one of the following

* Registrar General, India
* Chief Registrars in States
* District Registrars in village
* Town Registrars in your region

''' Documents needed to apply for Death Certificate '''

In certain cases you might need to submit following documents to obtain Death Certificate.

* Proof of the birth of the person
* Affidavit that tells about the time and date of death of the person
* Ration card
* The fee required for the death certificate in the form of Court Fee Stamps

If due to some reason you fail to register the death of the person within 21 days then you might need to submit the permission for registration from the Area Magistrate or the Registrar with the prescribed Fee for late registration.