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Deccan Queen Express

The Deccan Queen Express is one of the '''oldest trains''' still running in India. This train runs between Mumbai and Pune. Of course, the Western Express has made travel very easy and quick. However, reaching the outskirts of Mumbai in two hours is of no use if the journey into the heart of the city takes a few more hours.

If one opts for the '''Deccan Queen Express''', one shall reach Mumbai at 10.30 AM after leaving Pune at 7.15 AM. The train stops at CST and you would have reached the heart of the city in just 3 hours and 15 minutes. This is a daily Super fast train that covers 192 kms in just three stops. You can opt for the AC Chair Car seats or for 2nd Sitting seats. There are no berths as there is no night journey involved. Tickets are affordable at Rs. 267 for an AC Chair Car seat and just Rs. 76 for a 2nd Sitting ticket. Deccan Queen Express Train No. 2124 travels from Pune to Mumbai.

Train No. 2123 travels from Mumbai to Pune on a daily basis. The train leaves at 5.10 PM and reaches Pune at 8.25 PM. This train makes 4 stops and yet covers the distance in 3 hours and 15 minutes. '''Tatkal facility''' is available for those who want to book tickets at short notice.

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