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Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda

Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda


Posture: you bend your knees and keep your legs in Padmasana style. Keep your hands pressing on your knees. Then bend your head and take out your tongue outside your mouth. Make a big sound like a lion.

Time: 1-2 minutes.


1. Tonsilitis 2. Throat diseases 3. Salivary glands disease 4. Epilogue

  • Ayurveda is India’s answer to good health. It advocates preventive and curative health care.
  • The man is a microcosm of the universe. Every day some births and deaths take place in this world. It is nature's phenomena.
  • A prominent feature of Ayurveda is that the mind exerts a maximum influence over the body, freedom from diseases and more so a state of balanced living.
  • Ayurveda advocates diet according to one’s constitution. It also recommends regularity of intake of food.
  • It pronounces the breathing of good air. If one has to live long, it is necessary that one should have balanced food, balanced digestive fire, and balanced tissues.
  • It is also necessary for creating highest state of health, perfect health to have a physical immunity.
  • This will depend upon the consumption of oxygen in proper quantity from the body. One can enhance his age by eating food as per Ayurveda. He gets diseases due to the imbalance of taking food.
  • One must take food according to his body type.

Digestion and Metabolism

  • Whenever food is taken, it has to be digested and assimilated by the digestive fire and as a result, the tissues will get their proper nourishment.
  • The growth of the cells takes place even at the quantum level of the body and mind. The digestive fire must be in balance for the well-being of man.
  • So one has to reset the Agni or digestive fire to a balanced state.