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Digital TV Advantages

'''Digital TV Advantages''' can be categorized under following areas:-

Digital TV signals are much more compact than analog signals. This means that
They take up less space within the bandwidth, leading to more stations transmission in one region.


Digital tuners remove any interference from the TV signals before converting them into the pictures and sounds. There is no distortion like "static" or "snow" on the picture.


Watching programs on Digital TV sets will be closer to watching movies on Screens.


Digital TV allows for high-definition television, it transmits even clearer, more realistic picture and higher quality sound.


Digital TVs have a user interface where viewer can preview other channels Without "channel surfing".

•'''To Consumer'''

Improved quality of picture and sound with an existing TV sets and high Definition TV. Interactive multimedia services.

•'''To Government'''

More revenue from selling digital bandwidth licenses.

'''•To Manufacturers'''

Increase sales of consumer devices set-top boxes. Increase in sale of wide Screen TVs and satellite dishes

•'''To service providers'''

Opportunities for providing value-added and enhanced services leading to more profits in business.

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