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Digital TV installation

'''Digital TV''' or popularly known as '''Satellite TV''' installation is very easy and can be installed without the help of technicians.

'''The installation process :'''

1. '''Pre-planning and preparing the room.'''

Choose a room that is free from obstruction in the direction specified in the instruction manual. Identifying proper placement for the dish.

2. '''Keeping required equipment close at your hand.'''

Keeping required equipment close at your hand: Dish TV should be installed with the help of a proper power drill. Double check the cable joints for endurance... Use a good industrial fixture for joints.

3. '''Follow the steps meticulously.'''

Cross -check the direction in which the dish is supposed to point. Follow the instructions provided in the manual .Detect the signal strength by running cable till television set placement.

4. '''Double check the connectivity after the installation process is complete.'''

Connect the cable to the satellite receiver and installation of Digital TV is complete.

DTH service providers offer free installation packages with every subscription.

'''Important Checklist for Digital TV installation:'''

1. Ensure that dish needs to be aimed directly at the broadcasting satellite.

2. The installation of the Satellite TV is very easy and does not take more than a few hours.

3. Be careful on handling equipment during self installation.