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Dilip Tirkey

Dilip Tirkey

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Dilip Kumar Tirkey (born on 24th November 1977 in Savnamara, Orissa) was a former Indian Hockey Player who played as a defender in the Indian Hockey team. Tirkey was the captain of the Indian Hockey team for almost a decade.

Career of Dilip Tirkey

In 1995, at the Indira Gandhi Gold Cup, Trikey made his International debut for the Indian national team against England. Tirkey is considered to be one of the most talented deep defenders in India and also one of the difficult defender to beat in the world. Trikey used to be a dangerous penalty converter and was a aggressive defensive player. After Jiapal Singh Munda, Trikey was the second Adivasi to play 3 Olympic Games. He also played for the highest leauage team of Netherlands named Hoofdklasse. At present, he is playing for the Orissa Steelers in the Premier Hockey League and is the captain of the Team. Under his captaincy, the team won their Maiden and the 3rd Premier Hockey league title. He was also in the World Cup team which was held in Hobart.


  • Ekalavya Puraskar in 1996.
  • ONGC –Hockey Year Book Award in the year1998.
  • Arjuna Award in 2002.
  • The Padma Shri Award in 2004.


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