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Dish TV Installation

Dish TV provides various exclusive features and benefits for the television watchers of India. It has several features like using multi audio, audio channels, playing online games, electronic program guide, program alert, favorite channel, parental lock, movies on demand, reminders and much more. To get all these facilities the user must go through the process of Dish TV installation.

Following are the steps to be abided by for Dish TV installation:

  • The user should first get the line of site. The direction is important to receive the proper satellite. The direction or the side should be free of trees or high buildings which can obstruct the satellite signals.
  • The next step should be the assembling of the dish. The foot or the base of the dish should be placed on the wall by drilling system. The screws must be used to fix it properly and make sure that it does not come out any moment.
  • The outer wall should be penetrated with a 7/16th drill bit and the coaxial cable should be placed through the hole. The crimp connecting fitting should be ensured that the fitting is clean inside to prevent short circuiting. Coaxial fitting should be screwed onto LNB.
  • The cable should be affixed to the wall using the T25 staple gun with 14MM staples. It should be ensured that no staple penetrates the insulation of the cable and keep bends in the cable to a minimum.
  • Next step of Dish TV installation should be proper setting up of the receiver. The satellite cable should be connected to the receiver, the additional cables like the RCA, S-video, HDMI and the other coaxial jumper should also be connected.
  • The Dish TV satellite should also be set with the setup menu and the zip code to get elevation tilt.
  • Lastly, the dish TV setup menu should be the exit to enjoy the program.