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Dish TV Services

Dish TV the satellite television of India brings its viewers about 240 channels and various services straight from the satellite to the home of the user. Uninterrupted viewing of television channels with crystal clear sound and digital quality picture. Available through Dish TV are international sports channels, news, movies, music, movies and much more. Dish TV services are wide in range and feature. These services are easily available with just an installation of the product and payment of the respective charges inclusive of the taxes.

Following are the Dish TV services available:

  • Movie on demand - Dish TV brings for its user's movies on demand. The user can make their own movie show timing and watch their favorite movies. The user can also watch latest blockbuster hits from Bollywood, Hollywood, regional movies, any time of the day and enjoy with full family.
  • Gaming is another service provided by dish TV. Its 24*7 game portal allows the user not just watching the TV but also playing on it. There are different products like Mini Kids TV, Quizzy and Play jam which will keep the children happy and fully entertain them at home.
  • Dish TV services also include other different services like job active, Shaadi active, travel actively. ICICI active, bhakti active, Astro active, sports active, news active, EPG, multilingual services, kids, khel, and cinema. These services help the user to find the perfect match, a perfect job through television. Not only this the user can now also choose a place to visit through television. He/she can get access to their bank accounts in ICICI through this satellite television. News updates, sports updates, Castro updates are all part of the services provided by Dish TV.