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Distance Learning in India

Distance Learning in India

Though, there are a few people tends to equate the distance learning education with an online learning system, a thin line exists amidst them. Whilst all degree programs offered online, can be considered as distance education programs, it is quite difficult to entitle distance learning programs as online education programs, since the technology being employed for both the modes may be a bit different.

The accessibility of the distance learning programs in India has assured a person to pursue his/her edification from any university or state that he/she desires.

Growth of Distance Learning in India

Distance learning in India has arrived as a benefit for potential students, who want to pursue their studies, but are not being able to complete it by means of a regular education system for several reasons like lack of time. A steady increase has been noticed among the students to enroll for the distance learning programs in India.

Because of the high competition and Universities comprising limited scores of seats for the students, various students opt for distance education. The Council of Distance Education is one such organization, accountable for the coordination & promotion of the distance learning system and Open University as well as strengthening the standards of distance learning in India. This education Council was formed under the Act of Indira Gandhi Open University, 1985.

Courses offered by Distance Learning in India

A number of Universities and colleges, offer distance learning programs in India and the demand for distance courses amidst a large segment of population of India is on a rise. Distance learning in India is not only limited to the students, but the working professionals can also enroll for various diploma or degree courses, to improve their skills and qualifications.

The courses offered at the distance learning institutes are categorized under various disciplines like Commerce, Science and Arts. Both post graduate and undergraduate degree programs are offered to the students along with several diploma courses.

List of Undergraduate Courses

• B.A. in Sanskrit, Hindi, Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History and English.
• B.Com
• B.Sc. in Geography, Economics, Zoology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
• Bachelors of Library Science
• Bachelors in Business Administration

Post Graduate Courses

• Masters of Business Administration
• M.A. in Psychology, Philosophy, Social Science, Political science, Sociology and History.
• M.SC.
• M.Com

Institutes of Distance Learning in India

Distance learning in India has become famous in almost every part of the country, including the rural areas, since the fee of the course it offers is affordable for the rural people as well to pursue their studies. IGNOU is one of the premier institutes to pursue distance learning in India. Presently, there are somewhat 11 Open Universities all over India providing distance learning education to the students in India.


Hello, I was looking for more generic courses on social science but I did not find any. I do believe that Social Science, as a subject, is vast and contains plethora of specializations. But, as an engineering graduate, I would prefer general overview of Social Science to in-depth knowledge. Please let me know whether you provide any crash course for them who is specifically looking for holistic course on social science. Otherwise, I would opt for Sociology or English. Could you tell me whether you have any short term course for both? thanks, priyankur