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'''Diwali''' is the most important of all the Hindu festivals. It is a five day long festival which falls on the month of Karthik i.e. on the months of October or November.

The exact day of the beginning of the festival is decided by the position of the moon. According to the Hindu calendar '''‘amavasya’''' or new moon is considered as perfect for Diwali. This festival is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness.

In Hindu religion Diwali marks the '''return of Lord Rama to his kingdom Ajodhya''' after defeating the '''demon king Ravana'''. This festival also celebrates the slaying of Narakashura by Lord Krishna. In fact it is the national festival of India and Nepal.

* People burn crackers and fireworks on this day. After performing the rituals of the puja they visit their near and dear ones and wish each other saying happy Diwali. They distribute sweets and present gifts to all. Some also arrange for social and family gatherings with friends and relatives.

* The markets and the shops deck themselves with different lights and the cities are decorated like newly wedded brides.

* Huge kandils and rangolis are the inevitable part of Diwali decorations.

* In some cities on this day Lakshmi puja is performed where in West Bengal goddess kali is worshipped on the day. For the Sikhs the Diwali is celebrated as Bandi Chorr Devas. This festival is celebrated with pomp and grandeur all over India.

* In some places fairs take place on these five days. Different performances like juggling, acrobats, and snake charming and fortune tellers are performed for the entertainment of the visitors. Besides there are different stalls and many other items in the fair which are called Diwali melas.