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Document required for Ration Card

In case of new <a href="/node/47979">Ration Card</a>, any type of deletion or addition in existing Ration Card, transferring Ration Card to a new place there are certain procedures that people need to follow. They also need to provide certain documents.

In case of family division or separation:

• A duly filled new ration card form.
• Voter card.
• Rs.2 worth of Court Fee Stamp.
• Deletion certificate of Ration Card of your old one.
• Proof of your new residence.

A person can choose any one of following as evidence of your current residence:

• Letter mailed to the current residing address.
• Telephone bill.
• Bank Account Passbook.
• Electricity bill.
• Gas bill.
• Rent receipt.
• Previous tax payment bill.

In case of a newly married bride who moves out of her family need to move her ration card to a new family. The following documents are to be submitted as evidence of her marriage:

• Marriage registration certificate
• Joint/modified bank account
• Wedding invitation card
• Joint LIC policy with spouse.

If a family has a new born baby, the name of the baby needs to be enlisted in the family ration card. The following things are to be done:

• Go to Food and Commodities section of District collector Office
• Collect application form
• Indicate your relationship with your baby in the form

Additionally, the following documents are required along with the application form:

• Birth certificate of new born baby
• Your marriage certificate
• Parents’ ration card of your child, that is, you and your husband/wife’s ration card.