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Documents Required for Indian Passport

Documents required for Indian Passport are as follows,

For New Passport For new passport the following documents are required,

  • New passport application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Address proof
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)

For Duplicate Passport The documents required are as follows,

  • Duplicate passport application form which is same as new passport application
  • Two passport size photographs
  • The police certificate(FIR) and receipt
  • Address proof (old passport photocopy if available)
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for loss of passport(another notary is required if applying for tatkal)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal

For Renewal of Passport For renewal of passport the following documents are required,

  • Passport renewal application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Old passport (if unable to submit should mention the reason)
  • Address proof
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme)

For Indian Passport Processing Time would be as follows,

For fresh passport For issuing a fresh passport it will take 6 – 8 weeks time. If applied under tatkal scheme it will take 1 – 2 weeks of time.

For Reissue For reissue of Indian passport it will take 4 -6 weeks of time. If applied under tatkal scheme it will take around 1 – 2 weeks of time.

If you are a busy person and cannot do the follows of your passport application frequently, then it is better to approach a travel agent. It may cost a few bucks more but its worth.


I want apply for passport but my birth certificate is wrong.can i take in any other ways.please help me.

What is wrong in your birth certificate ? for passport you don't need birth certificate as you can manage it with your 10th and 12th marksheet. I got my passport without showing birth certificate.


i don't have address proof, can i use my father's address proof like rasain card (where my name is attached)...

I want to make a passport, now i am staying in Mumbai. My native place is At/po. Dharakote, Badadanda Street, Oriss, Dist - Ganjam. I haven't ration card & any other proof of Mumbai. Please guide me how can i make a passport having stayed in Mumbai

sir, i want to appply a passport.i havn'nt anyother vote identitiy card and birth certificate.but i have stat bank pass book proof,rasain card proof and 10th,diploma certifcate with my photo.if these proofs are enough.please help me.

i live in a rented house and i dont have any ration card or any other residence proof.can u help me in going through the situation.

sanjay u must be having some permanent address, right ? like in village where your parents live ? put that addres. the passport will be send to that address only though so make sure someone collects it for you

An urgency letter for tatkal (only for tatkal scheme) which type of document is there in urgency letter. please help me.

Driving license is for identity proof, not address proof. You can use ration card or phone bill for address proof

Sir, I tried applying passport in POST OFFICE. They said i need one more address proof with ration card. Phone bill,tax bill,electricity bill are in my dad's name only. I opened Bank account FEB 09. They are saying it should be one year past. What can i do? i have to apply it urgently. The got placed in one company. They are asking it. Please help me what to do

Sir i have only bank account proof, n 9th certificate also,sir may i know,its a enough for apply my passport, in this 9th certificate my date of birth mentioned bt in my restident food card my date of birth is how can i apply for the passport. plz reply as soon as possible

sir,i want to make passport for my daughter who is 4 years old.what docs. i i live single with my i need any thing from her father side

Yes, if you are seperated then you need the faterhs permission when you are planning to take the kid abroad.

My criminal record in ahmedabad in 1999 but now my address is change so i can apply for passport

I want to apply for passport. I have all document in my maiden name. but i want to make passport by my husband name. Currently My husband is in abroad. I don't have ration card.(my husband side).I don't have Marriage Certificate. Recently I changed my name through Government Gazette. I have one daughter 1 year old. I want to make passport her also. Can u please suggest me further procedure.

You can easily get a passport as your husband already has, but you need his signature, passport copy and certainly marriage certificate any similar proof.

Hi, Soon I have to apply for re-isseu of my passport aftre 10 years, I am abroad and I lost my 10th mark sheet and School Living Certificate as a profe of date of birth which I have submit while applying for frish passport.I have my Birth Certificate isseu from Muncipal Corporation 2 year back , is it valid ?

As long as you have older passportn passport extension is no problem, you just need to issue older passport along with identification proof along with renewal fees

Hi.. I'm in mumbai & basically from Punjab. Gas connection bill & rent agreement are my only residence proof here. Due to some family problem we do'nt have any pemanent address. I've pan card, driving licence, voter card & ration card (from Punjab). May I apply from Mumbai with these documents?

You need to give a permanent residential proof, which you can give of your punjab residence. The passport will be delivered to your home. You have all documents, feel free to apply from mumbai. It probably will be faster from mumbai then from punjab

HI,I leave on rent house and i don't have a permanent address proff and also i am 12th pass student,but i want to apply for the passport , help me, how to make a passport. And what are the documents required for the passport with details tell me.

I change my address for last 5 years. my Voter card and Ration card are in my old address. I have only bank account and college Id card as a proof of address. Can I apply for passport by these two documents ? Please help me.

Married woman want make passport but she don't have marriage certificate or she can't made affidavit because she not live with her husband. But she want make passport with her husband name. please help give right suggestion.

I am a Doctor and want to apply for Passport for the first time. I do not have any ORIGINAL copy for Date of Birth Proof (Birth Certificate, Leaving Certificates etc). The only originals that are available stating my DOB are 10th std Marksheet, FYJC & SYJC Bonafied Certificates & PAN Card. Will it be accepted by authorities as a valid proof. (my DOB is 13.3.76).

i want to apply for the passport through the tatkal scheme.. am having the proofs of ration card, 10th and 12th marksheet, pancard, birth certificate,.. wil these proofs are enough to get the passport immediately...? if not, what i've to do to get passport..? i dont have licence and election commisson voter I.D.. please help me..

i do'nt have 10th certificate copy & birth certificate can i apply for paasport. and can i submitt affidavite of date of birth by nottory

I want to apply passport but i have rent deed for present address. I have PAN card but not for present address. I have also voter ID too but old address mentioned. I have bank accounts but not in private bank. can we show this as address proof. Also can we show PAN card as ID proof which is not issued in current address. Please suggest above mentioned document is enough or not. Regards Santosh

sir/mam i want to apply for the passport and recently got married. iam having my marriage certificate as address proof,will it work or i have to submit copy of ration card.

i want to make new passport i dont have school leaving, i can provide birth certificate, marraige certificate, ration card , pan card xerox copy it is ok kindly guide

birth certificate . ok ,marriage certificate to include your wife name in your passport . ok, ration card ok. presently you should stay in that address. or any of these Applicant’s ration card, certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head, water /telephone /electricity bill/statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order /Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy, parent’s passport copy in case of minors. (NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories). for getting ECNR in passport 10 TH certificate required. balu.


I want to apply for Tatkal passport, I think i need to submit a affidavite mentioned in Annexure I, so anyone could tell me please which stamp paper(20rs,50rs or 100rs.) to use for affidatvite.

I want to apply for passport..but having some Date of birth is 16 Sept 1988..but as i wasnt able to complete the required age to sit in school, my date of birth was registered as 16 May 1989..there onwards, all my documents contain the same Date Of Birth.. (16 May 1989) what should i do in order to get passport?? should i deal with this dual DOBs?? der any affidavit possible??..plz answer m soon..

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