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Documents for Visa

Visa processing requires set of documents to be sent along with the visa application to get a visa.  

The popular documents or the common documents for any visa type for any country includes

• A valid Indian Passport – At least 6 months of passport validity remaining with at least one blank page in the passport for the visa stamping. If no blank page is available a new passport needs to be applied with Indian passport office and provided to the embassy along with application for visa is sent.

• Recent Photograph – Generally they require 1 colored photograph which is recent taken in the last 6 months. Each country visa has specifications for the photograph. Visit the website guidelines for the Visa application to know about the photograph specification.

• Copy of Bank Statements to show tie up with home country

• Property details to show tie up with the country - House properly, Land or Business property proof copies

• Address proof – Copy of ration card, or utility bill as a proof for some country visa.

• Invitation letter from the sponsor or the organization or the school or college from the foreign country.

• Police statements from local police station for some country visa.

• Demand Draft or receipt of the payment or checks for the Visa application fees.

• Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate

• Letter from Employer or current institution of study

Along with these documents the appropriate visa application forms duly filled and signed with date for the destination country downloaded from their website is most important to schedule an interview for visa if applicable. The documents mentioned here are in general and common documents that are required for a visa application process. It varies depending on the type of visa applied for the different countries.

Visit various articles in to know in detail on the documents required for the type of visa for your country of destination.

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