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Dr Pratap Reddy

Dr. Pratap Reddy (born August 23, 1956) founded India’s first hospital group, the Apollo Hospital Group, a world class health care industry. The inspiration for this came to him when he lost a patient two decades ago when the patient could not go to Texas for an open heart surgery. He gave up his practice in the US in the early eighties to set up the Apollo Hospitals Group in Chennai in 1983.

Education & Carrier of Dr. Pratap Reddy[edit]

Dr. Pratap Reddy did his schooling at GJC Tayalur, studied in Bangalore University and Pondicherry University, took his MBBS in 1982 from Guntur Medical College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and M.D in Radiotherapy in 1988 from MNJ Cancer Hospital & Radium Institute, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He had Advanced Training in Radiation Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

He started the first hospital consultancy group in India, the Indian Hospitals Corporation. He set up two more Tertiary Care Centers in India. These prompted the Government of India to amend the funding legislation related to financial institutions to include hospitals and the expansion of the scope of medical insurance. Apollo Hospitals Group now has more than 22 centers in major metropolises in India with a total turnover of over US $ 100 million. These world class centers also carry out the most complicated Cadaver Transplant.

Dr. Pratap Reddy expanded his plans to other Asian countries such as Dubai in March 1999 and plans are progressing for similar centers in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman and Africa. He initiated the integration of digital nervous system into health care to create a virtual Apollo Center anywhere any time.

Med Varsity is a major Web initiative of Apollo to create a virtual medical university that offers total access to experts in medicine anywhere and also ‘MEDNET’, a Hospital Systems Management package intended to transform the practice of medicine in the country. He introduced telemedicine technology in the country and plans to set up secondary health centers in smaller cities and semi urban identifying 23 sites to begin with, and also many rural hospitals beginning with his native village, Aragonda.

Awards and Achievements of Dr Pratap Reddy[edit]

Dr. Reddy won numerous awards including the Sir Neel Ratan Sarkar Award for medical excellence (1998); Padma Bhushan (1991); and the Award of fellowship Ad hominem by The Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He received the International Cancer Technology transfer fellowship – ICRETT by UICC (International Union Against Cancer) for Brachytherapy. He was nominated one of the Top Fifty personalities, who have made a difference to the country in the fifty years since Independence by Business India.


Devastation because my husband was admitted to "Apollo Hospitals" Bangalore. On 20th May 10 my husband complaint of severe stomach ache was admitted to Apollo he was fine untill 22nd he was rushed to ICU, saying he had Multiple organ dysfunction due to Pancreatitis. He was being treated with IV Fluids, dialysis and ventilator. on the 25th he was moved to an isolation where no one attended him and they say he had extrubated the ventilator support on his own and he had a cardiac arrest he passed away. Since the brain was not dead completely for the next 8 days the hospital kept saying he is alive and they are treating him. They were treating the dead patient. He didn't die of the disease but due to the lapse from the hospital. My questions: 1. Patient went normal to the hospital was normal for two days, why was the complication not anticipated and right treatment not give. 2. After paying 6.25 lacks we get to know that there was no nurse beside the patient while he extrubated the tube. 3. My husbands age is 33 years, I have a two year old daughter, these people have no human sympathy, treating patients like commodities. Can someone get justice to me. Life,,,,,,,,,,,I have lost

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