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Dukan Mitra Policy Of United India Insurance

For small shops, this Dukan Mitra policy is very much applicable. There is no average condition required and the sum insured is fixed. The policy is applicable when the shop is removed for a period of 90 days in the absence of the owner.

Items in the policy

If the person or the persons included in the policy suffers physical damage or loss due to accidents or some violent external sources, then the company pays the people the specified amount of money as per the policy. It could be death, permanent, partial disablement or loss of eye or hands or limbs.

Under this policy, one can benefit for the damages caused by accidents by external forces. The employee of the shop is also insured from damages caused during accidents. Coverage for the damaged caused by negligence of the employee or the members of the insured person is obtained.

If the shop owner is cheated by the employee, then the loss incurred is also covered by this policy. The amount which the employee has cheated is also included in the claim settlement.

If within 15 kilometers of the shop money which was being carried is lost due to ant accident, then the policy is liable to pay for the loss incurred. However, the money carried could be by the owner or the permanent employee.

Inside coverage

Damage caused due to fire, flood, theft, accident, cheating or death. In case of death, the person must be within 12 to 70 years of age.

Outside coverage

Damaged caused due to war, natural depreciation, theft from unsecured vehicles, fragile items and items damaged by third parties.