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The Hindu goddess Durga also called “ The Invincible” or “Maa Durga” is usually depicted as a slayer of all evil with ten limbs on a lion carrying many weapons in her arms and also a lotus her eyes are usually depicted as lotus and she is usually practicing mudras or symbolic hand gestures. She is believed to be a facet of goddess Kali, and a mother of the Hindu god Ganesha and Kartikeya, according to mythology she is considered to be a more fierce form of Lord Shiva’s wife Goddess Parvati and always shows fearlessness and patience.

One of the main festivals celebrated in honor of the goddess is Durga Puja it is a four day long festival and is celebrated throughout India but is particularly important in the states of Bengal, Orissa and Bihar.

The festival is celebrated for the slaying of the evil Mahishasur with demonic power.
The goddess was believed to be created as a warrior goddess to fight this asura. Mahishasur the demon had unleashed a reign of terror on earth, the heavens and the neitherworlds to that extent that neither god nor man could defeat him so the gods sought the help of Gods Vishnu and Shiva, on hearing of this terror the gods created Durga from a priest called Katyan from their combined energy.

Durga is also celebrated in the Himalayas very fervently, and the day that the demon was slain is celebrated as Vijaya Dashini or Dashain in Nepal or Dussehra in Bengal which means “victory on the tenth day”.