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Ekadashi Puja

Mukkoti or Vaikunta Ekadashiis said to be the most important among the twenty four Ekadashi observances in the Southern Part of India. At this very day all night prayer and fasting dedicated to lord Vishnu is done. According to Hindu mythology, praying to lord Vishnu on this very day would help the souls to attain Moksha, i.e. freedom from the cycles of rebirth. According to legends, the doors of heaven or Vaikunta Dwara open on this very day that allows easy access to the great god.

The day of Vaikunta Ekadashi falls usually on the 11th day of Pushya Shukla Paksha in Telugu Calendar and Margazhi Shukla Paksha in Tamil Calendar. To perform this very puja, the following things are must:

  • Idol or picture of lord Vishnu,
  • Tulsi leaves,
  • Fruits,
  • Bettle nuts,
  • Bananas and
  • An unbroken coconut.


The festival is observed in the following way:

  • The people need to wake up early in the morning and then they need to take bath to purify their mind as well their body. Then they need to offer prayer to lord Vishnu.
  • After offering the prayer, one need to perform a simple puja at home by offering Tulsi leaves and fruits to Lord Vishnu.
  • Then one can light up the lamp and offer their prayer to lord Vishnu for some minutes or they can simply perform the normal ritual, which they perform regularly in their life but the prayer should be dedicated to lord Vishnu.
  • One can also go to the nearby Vishnu Temple to have a look at the morning pujas.
  • On this very day one need to have complete fast.

Prayers for Vaikunta Ekadasi

The prayers that are commonly used in this occasion are as follows: Vishnu Ashotharam, Vishnu Sahasranamam or simple chanting of – Om Namo Narayana.

No Sleep

It is believed that staunch devotees of lord Vishnu don’t sleep at all on this day. On this day they prefer to spend it at Vishnu temples either by singing prayers or by listening to the stories of the great God. They also observe fast on this entire day.