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Elephant Insurance Policy Of National Insurance Company

Under the Elephant Insurance Policy of National Insurance Company, any elephant used for commercial and religious purposes can be covered. Elephants used in the circus however cannot be covered.

The basic objective of the policy is to insure the owner and compensate him or her for any sort of loss, either death or accident. In addition, for an extra premium permanent total disability risk can also be covered. Public liability cover is an additional feature which can be taken.

However the Elephant Insurance Policy of National Insurance Company has exclusion. If the elephant dies due to any disease or by way of any accident within 15 days from commencement of the policy, then the company is not liable to pay out any amount by way of claim.
The Elephant Insurance Policy of National Insurance Company is particularly meant for the rural people of our country. Under this policy they can cover themselves against loss of life of their elephant.

The policy insures and covers the owner of the elephant against death due to ay kind of diseases or any accident, subject to certain exclusions.

In order to take the policy the proposal should be accompanied by valuation-cum-health certificate issued by qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

The rates of basic premium and extra premium can be got by contacting the office directly.

This policy is very essential for those who own elephants and therefore they should take the policy without any hesitation. It will cover the risk which otherwise will be too much.