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Elimination of Waste Products from Human Body in Ayurveda

Elimination of Waste Products from Human Body in Ayurveda[edit]

  • The elimination of waste products from the body is very essential for a healthy living.
  • In this so called over-civilised world, man has no time to attend to his nature’s call as urination, defaecation.
  • So with this many diseases will creep in and lead to ill-health.
  • The best way to purify to the body and to eliminate the toxins from the quantum level of the body is to adopt purificatory measures like panchakarma therapy and meditation therapies to combat mental illness as well as physical illness like cancer and other dreaded diseases.
  • The satvic diet and drugs which purify the doshas must also adhere to lessen the impurities of the body and mind.
  • Some diseases can be prevented by the following principles of daily routine and seasonal routine.
  • Some of the diseases are due to bad habits such as drinking of alcohol, tea, coffee, brown sugar and other drugs which are highly toxic and habit forming and dangerous to health and also even to our life.
  • These retard even age limit.
  • Our food is flooded with toxic chemicals, pesticides and deodorants and insecticides which are used for the growth of food and also preservation and disinfection.
  • So man has become poisonous and toxic.


  • Air is an important to our body as food and water. Catch breath of fresh air whenever you can.

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