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Email service in Reliance

Email service in Reliance

Reliance Communications is a major mobile and telecommunication services provider in India and is part of the Reliance Group, one of the largest business groups in India and Asia.

Reliance Communications provides a complimentary email ID with 10MB space with their Broadband services. The attachments that can be sent through a reliance email has a higher limit of 2MB. It also offers a complimentary 2MB free web space that can be used to explicitly support the hosting of WebPages in HTML and Java formats. It is basically a POP3 mail box with anti-spam features. This email address comes with a feature that allows one to have a different name for the email ID than the name of broadband ID. We can very easily set up the email ID on a mail client like Outlook Express.

Since June 2009, Reliance have introduced the Reliance E-Lite plan for BlackBerry users in India. Now with this plan, users can have unlimited access to email and instant messaging (IM) on their BlackBerry smartphones by just paying a nominal fee per month for the services.

Reliance has a reputation of providing a highly efficient email services. Of course, like with every service providers, there are people who have complaints against the services.


helo sir, sir mere pas ek idia hai ya kahe to ek new scim hai,jisse aap apki comny ke mobile sim or new conection one month me kam se kam one lakh kar sakte hai, sirf aapko meri batai sccem ka tv par addena hoga , yadi aap itrested hai to plz contect me my mail adrees or my parsonal number,my number is 09200390777

Nilesh Sharma on 5 October 2010 this is my No. 93014-30500 the parmanet cloused please earlist. & most urgent

Sir, I happened to be at your RELIANCE FRESH -AMBATTUR, Chennai-53 (old no.225, new no.83 , MTH Road, Venkatapuram, Ambattur-OT, Chennai- 600053 (TN) 044-42086781. I have purchased 33 items bill no. 0106 & 0104 dt 23.10.2010. Following are major short comings especially in Customer service –RATHER THERE IS NO SERVICE AT ALL. Starting from the Security guard- by not issuing tokens for our belongings, and intolerance level goes upto Supervisor level of one Ms .Sankari – who is just doing TIME PASS activities- not even helping the Customers in purchase or finding out an item –or atleast providing a Trolley,blocking path –basically she does not know anything about the RELIANCE FRESH & SERVICE. & She is very Arrogant with customers. More over No BASIC- courtesy , Culture, Behaviour,No help to customer, Misguiding customers –making them to wander here and There. wasting customers time and Patience ,Irritating replies etc.,etc., Just opposite to your Reliance fresh there is one similar outlet named FARM BAZAAR- (A shop similar like yours) . Just go and see their Service & other areas mentioned above. Really classic (Quick service ,coutesy,and help extended by the staff there.) Because of No service by people like the so called one Ms. Sankari & counter service you have to close down shop, else your competitors will make you to shut your shop , through their efficient service , behaviour ,approach etc., As we all remember The Great Legend Mr.Dirubhai Ambani -who built the Grand Great Empire of Reliance Group of Companies – but now the situation may destroy the Good name created / earned by The legend Mr.Dirubhai Ambhani & it will take a beat., in the days to come, if no corrective measures such as by removing such Useless staff else things will happen for a good Closure of your Outlets / Organisations.As you well aware that Some may take up to Consumer Protection Court,RTI, etc., Pl.Take care. Thanks , (P.S.: I have written the complaint in Complaint/suggestion Register too & informed the officials but do not know the outcome yet.) -vijay ph.9818999371 email:

Hi! This complaint is about the Reliance store near Ambattur OT bus stop, Chennai. I was billed incorrectly for a type of beans (vegetable). When I checked the bill and complained that I have been charged Rs. 55 per kg and not Rs. 10 per kg which was the price. I was refused the refund of money and told that money paid cannot be refunded. I really do not understand why you cannot refund me the money when the mistake is yours. Further, there was no apology whatsoever. I was simply asked to buy for the remaining amount. I then purchased for the remaining amount. However, my ordeal was not over. They took more than half an hour to make all the adjustments. I was made to feel that it was my mistake to find out the mistake on the bill and not theirs to have billed me incorrectly. After several requests, finally the adjustment was made. However, this was not an one off incident. The very next time I went to the shop (on 25/5/2012), I purchased Cuccumber. There were two types of Cuccumber and on both the types the price written on a slate was Rs. 12 per kg. I purchased one type and gave it to the billing counter. The lady billed me the Cuccumber at Rs. 25 per kg. When I pointed it out to the lady she shouted at somebody else saying why they have not changed the price. I then said that I will not purchase the cuccumber at Rs. 25 per kg and to remove the charges from my bill. This the lady at the table refused bluntly. Another lady then took charge and refunded me the Rs. 10 which was due to me and I was on my way. But then one other lady staff called me to tell me that that there is no price on the slate. I came back to see that they had erased the price from the slate. Now the guard too joined and started shouting at me. I lost my cool as I was accused of being a liar. I wanted to speak to the manager and at last spoke to somebody. He was very unsympathetic and would not apologise and asked me to leave if my problem was solved. I really don't see why you should have WRONG TAGS PUT ON PRODUCT OR BILL CUSTOMER INCORRECTLY. I UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL HUMANS AND SOMETIMES MAKE MISTAKES BUT IT IS GETTING REPEATED BUT YOUR STAFF IS TURNING THE TABLES ON THE CUSTOMER AND SAYING THAT THEY ARE AT FAULT. THIS IS NOT DONE. If you make mistakes, that is okay. But mistakes should be immediately corrected when people notice it and staff should apologise for the mistakes. But in your store it was just the opposite that happened. If you have any response to my complaint, reply to the email address,

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