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Equity Investment in India

Equity investment in India

It is impracticable to neglect the enormous profits, which have been earned by the investors in the equity investment market of India over past few years. Though, beyond the tech-savvy activities that have motivated various profits from the equity investments, there are several interesting and new areas, where venture capital and private equity firms are looking aggressively to enjoy the advantages.

The equity investment market in India is unique and is on a look out to invest more in manufacturing, construction, real estate, healthcare and financial services. A firm understanding of an equity market and behavioral adjustments are required from the potential investors, who are novel to the equity investment in India and are looking forward to maximizing their profits.

Skills to achieve success in the investment market in India

In order to attain success and generate profits from the market of equity investment in India, it is necessary for an investor to be well versed with certain skills. Subsequent to the capital required, proper research of the challenging market, healthy dosage of patience and subtle managerial skills are also necessary to be invested in order to obtain success in the investment market.

Trends in equity investment in India

In a research carried out by Evalueserve, an analytics and global research firms state that in 2007, with the growing trends in the Private Equity, India received US $13.5 billion, ranking it amongst the top 7 countries across the world.

The forecasts show that this bursary could easily rise to more than $20 billion until 2010. The firm also claims that there are more than 366 equity investments firms at present operating within India, among these 69 firms have raised the process of funding and are on a verge to commence their maneuvers soon.