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Famous Temples of Tirupati

==Famous Temples around Tirupati==

* There are also other interesting places in the proximity, The ravishing waterfalls at '''Papanasam''' is just 8 km away.

* The beautiful park about 4 km from the temple is a favourite hang-out to many.

'''Alamelumangapuram Temple'''

* This ancient temple is situated about 10 km from [[Tirupati]].

* The presiding deity here, Goddess Alamelumanga is the consort of Lord Venkateswara.

* This temple holds a grand architecture.

'''Govindaraja Permal Temple'''

* This temple dedicated to Lord Govindaraja who is a variation of '''Lord Vishnu''' is situated right in the heart of the city.

* This huge temple is rich in ancient architecture.

'''Kapila Theertham'''

* Situated about 2 km from '''Alipiri''', the point where the flight of steps of [[Tirumala]] starts,this is a sacred Tank beneath an elevated rock on which stands a temple dedicated to Lord Siva.


* It is situated about 11 km from Tirupati and rose prominence in the twilight days of the Vijayanagara Empire.

* The fort here is believed to have been built in 1000 AD and modified by the later Vijayanagara kings, This magnificent fort stands on a massive which is about 182 m above its surroundings.

* The fort encompasses the remains of age-old palace and temples which had been the royal abode of kings and palaces of regular worship.

* The two huge buildings known as '''Mahals''' near the fort were of multiple use to the royal family.

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