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Fidelity Guarantee Policy Of National Insurance Company

In every business the most important asset is the employees without which the company cannot function. These employees are selected through an interview process that lasts for a short while and so it is not possible for the employer to know the person Very well. People look for jobs in order to make money and sometimes these people could go to the extent of embezzlement, robbery or even fraud to get that money.

National Insurance Company is aware of this issue and so has come up with the Fidelity Guarantee policy to protect the business from such atrocities. By purchasing the Fidelity Guarantee policy of National Insurance Company the client places his business under their protection so that all the damages caused due to dishonest means of the employees are borne by them.

The Fidelity Guarantee policy of National Insurance Company pays the actual loss due to the employees’ infidelity to a specified limit and does not pay more than one claim per employee. There are a number of policies for the client to choose from. Depending on his requirement he can opt for an individual policy which covers only an individual or a collective policy that will cover his entire staff. There are also floater and position policies according to the requirement.

National Insurance Company does not bear the expenses of losses incurred due to the infidelity of one employee for the second time nor does it pay if facts are not clearly stated. The document should be carefully read before signing.