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Flying Rani Express

The Flying Rani Express was introduced in 1950. However, this was merely a change of name as the same train was introduced as the Weekend Special in 1906 and renamed as Flying Queen in 1937. The ‘Queen’ was replaced by ‘Rani’ after independence. Hence, this is a very old train that has been running long before even the Deccan Queen Express began running between Mumbai and Pune.

The Flying Rani Express runs between Surat and Mumbai. Train No. 2922 runs from Surat to Mumbai while Train No. 2921 runs from Mumbai to Surat. The train offers three options to all travelers- 1st AC, AC Chair Car and 2nd Sitting. This may seem like a strange combination but this is the format preferred earlier when traveling short distances.

The Flying Rani Express covers 263 kms in a little less than 5 hours. The Surat to Mumbai train leaves at 5.25 AM and reaches at 10.10 AM. It makes 13 stops including Mumbai. This Super Fast Train runs on daily basis. Tatkal facility is available and tickets cost Rs. 446 for 1st AC, Rs. 318 for AC Chair Car and Rs. 91 for 2nd Sitting.

The Flying Rani Express from Mumbai to Surat begins its journey at 5.55 PM and reaches its destination at 10.40 PM. It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete the journey.


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