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Ford India Customer Care

Ford, one of the most prominent automobile manufacturers in the world, has established a strong presence in Indian market and offers excellent customer care through internet, telephone and a numerous service centers spread all over the country. The following tips will help you to approach Ford customer care division promptly and more efficiently.

Contact Ford customer-care via Internet

• Visit and you can find information about various services/products offered including different car models, service centers, showrooms etc.
• To send inquiries, including feedback, requests for information, and complaint, fill out the form at or send e-mail to
• You can submit a request for a test drive at
• You can request a quote at
• You can request a brochure at
• You can book a car service or repair at
• If you represent any institution and have any query related to bulk order, send mail to or send mail to regional corporate sales manager at the following e-mail addresses:
South– K.Suresh –
North – Navneet Singh –
East – Kishalay Chowdhary –
West – Swapna Latkar –
National Fleet Sales Manager – George Varghese –

The different services offered via Ford online site

• Sending query/complaint through e-mail.
• You can locate the nearest service center and showroom.
• You can find customer care numbers.
• You can request brochure, quote, test drive and car repair and service.

Approach Ford Customer Care on the phone

• Dial toll free 1800 425 2500 for Ford car related query and assistance.
• Alternately you can dial the number of nearest Ford outlet listed on

Approach Ford Customer Care in person

One can visit the nearest Ford showroom or dealer for any product related assistance. All Ford outlets have dedicated customer Relationship centre.

How to find the address of the Ford Showroom nearest to you

You can locate your nearest Ford Showroom at

How to find the address of the Ford Dealer nearest to you

You can locate your nearest Ford dealer at

Contact Ford Customer Care via Mail

You can write to Ford Customer Care division at following postal address:
Mailing address:
Ford India Private Limited,
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu – 603 204.
Tamilnadu, India

Ford Regional Office Address and Contact Details:

Ford Plant and Corporate Office
Ford India P Ltd,
S.P. Koil Post
Chengalpattu - 603204
Phone : 91 44 27454375
Fax : 91 44 27455177

Regional Office - North
Ford India Pvt.Ltd.
Tower A, Ground Floor,
Unitech Cyber Park,
Greenwood City,
Sector 39,
Gurgaon - 122001
Phone : 91 0124 6743000
Fax : 91 0124 6743075

Regional Office - West
Ford India P Ltd.
301, Central Plaza
CST Road, Kalina
Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 400098
Phone : 91 22 67024300
Fax : 91 22 67024305

Regional Office - South
Ford India P Ltd.
Block - 1B, 1st Floor
RMZ Millenia Business Park
143, Dr MGR Road,
North Veeranam Salai,
Perungudi, Chennai - 600 096
Phone : 91 44 24551500
Fax : 91 44 24559965

Regional Office - East
Ford India Pvt Ltd.
55/55/1, Chowringhee Road,
Chowringhee Court,
Unit 33, Second Floor,
Opp. Nehru Children Museum
Kolkata - 500 071
Phone : 91 33 40073930 - 34


Please send the list of offers to govt. officials & teachers and the list of institutions in Coimbatore to avail this offer.

Purchased new Figo November 2010, front right stabiliser link had a defect (was replaced) NOW vehicle upolstery defect. When taking away from stop street vehicle tends to cut out. I owned a 2004 Hyunda Getz and a family member still has a Hyunda Getz with no problems that I have experienced with the FIGO. Please attend to this matter as soon as possible. If not I will take this situation to the South Africa's Local Newspapers...

Please send the list of offers to govt. officials & teachers and the list of institutions in Coimbatore to avail this offer.

Dear Sir, I have purchased figo 1.2 petrol version giving me a mielage of 10.5 Km/liter on asking to dealer they tell me that your average will catched upto 15 to 16 km/liter after first servicing. but from many user I asked that whether any system in car that after servicing you will get better average after servicing they said that there is no any system. kindly give full detail that how much mielage I will get after servicing. thanking you waiting for your good response

I contacted the ford Regional emergency no of Silliguri (Gateway Ford) 980000-5147 in morning at 0630 . After i met with an accident on night of 30 at 0015 hrs for the road side assistance. i was told that no service is provided by the service sation (Gateway Ford) and told to get the vehicle to service station. My frend told me to contact on national toll free number 18002097400 for assistance. I contacted them and got response that the required assistance will reach you....I stated correctly the condition of veh since it is immovable,,requested for the recovery evening assistance came with towing veh (NOT SOLVING THE PURPOSE SINCE FRONT WHEEL was out from hub) Next day i was promised that the veh will come in first half of the day.....waiting through out the day the vehicle reached in evening at 1700 hrs (after last light) requested the assistance provider to move in morning since it is ni and vehicle will not be received in night at GATEWAY FORD despite the service provider told i need to pay charges if i keep the recovery for night.... i let the vehicle go,,,,,,,,no one was present to take my vehicle inside the showroom despite i gave complete papers and required document till today my veh is standing outside....

Hi,   Let me introduce myself...   I'm Aravind Tharesan, works with a US based firm as Database Administrator in Kochi. My wife Anuradha Vijayan, Manager with HDFC Bank at Kochi itself. We resdies at Cheranellore, the fourth doorstep behind the Kairali Ford (SSS) , Cheranellore , Kochi..   We both own Ford Figo for the past few years. My car no. is KL-7-BS-8233 and wife's KL-7-BN-5920.   I own fiat before moving to Ford Figo, its not because of any ill feeling with the car and its service,  but the  car being withdrawn and I m in need of a diesel version which I came to choose the Figo. The main attraction point of view was that the indigenous part which made in India which led to the reduction of service cost and its overall price. Initially it was fine and later it was not.   I can tell you one thing that, I were not at all satisfied with the service of Ford Dealer, since I gave good points for every survey through  the phone, so as not to affect  the career of any guys, though he stood for his job for his livelihood. Only on the basis of a compromise, which we all do in our life for the smooth going, made me to get serviced  with the Ford dealer again and again.   But there is a limit for everything, even for the compromise !!!.   Since my  friends who were working with the automobile service industry at various dealers, I very well know the inside business which I don't want to divulge the same.   The last service I did at Kairali Ford Cheranellore was on 11th October 2014.  It ended up with two bill of exorbitant amount comes to around seventeen thousand rupay. I know this is not worth a while for the service which have made, but for the sake of my vehicle and due to my time constraint I paid the bill  and gave them good score with a personal remark not to make these kind of billing attitude anymore in future.   On 12th January 2015, in the morning while starting it shows the light of ABS glows in the console. After a small ride it turned OFF position. I checked the brake facilities and its worked  fine. Some times it just tuned ON and again went OFF. The second day same thing happens and for a short period only and I noticed that on going for one or two kilometers everything went to normal after that no problem for the entire day.     On 14th January 2015, repeating the same scenario, though I'm passing through in front of the service centre at Cheranellore, though already mentioned that my house was  located a fourth doorstep from the service center’s back side, I entered the service centre and reported to a service engineer who was in uniform. His reaction was very warm and quick, as he drove the car with me sitting in the co-driver seat. Went outside to the Container road and he used to brake rigorously and by all means to check the brake functionality and I too convinced that there is no problem in brake system. Describing the scenario, I request him to clean the sensors, may be any sort of dust or dirt causes to any breakage of signal and he admit to do it accordingly. On  reaching the service station, he informed me that it will be better to do it tomorrow for being the hectic schedule on that day and gave me the land-line number to book for the same. I rang that number and book for the service on 15th January 2015 and took the vehicle and went to office. While going I noticed the ABS light were turned OFF and everything as normal.   The next day, 15th January 2015, I took my car to the service centre without driving too much, so that the lights may not be turned OFF while reporting. On reporting I was informed the name of the person who was going to  handle my case ( it was not the same person who attends me at first ) and were asked me to wait for some time since the concerned supervisor has not yet came. Although it was going to be 10 O' Clock and  me too in hurry informed the lady at the desk regarding my inability to wait more and she arranged another supervisor to attend on behalf of the person assigned to me and told me that he will inform the right person when he come.   The real game starts here …..   I went to the cubicle of supervisor, he was sitting in his chair were turned back and talking with the mechanic guy   through the glass window. I was hearing the conversation in between them fixing a labour cost for a serviced vehicle where parts almost consumed around three thousand and something, supervisor fixed a ransom of additional thousand five hundred as labour, by the time mechanic is hinting him that it will be irrational and that the owner is known to him. For this the supervisor finally agrees to put a figure comes around four thousand one hundred something and asked the guy to tell him around four thousand two hundred without knowing what sort of work being done. You people may be known but knowingly not going to admit this. Since this the business. But I do, since I believe in my eyes and ears !!!.   I know it was their mistake that they didn't saw me.   Later on explaining my whole case, we went to check my car which I parked in front of the service room. Apart from mentioning my problem I shared my conclusion that though it happens sporadically in the morning time in between  starting and after riding for kilometers below five only, it will be better to go for a cleaning and check for few days rather than going for extreme step, since I know that these guys wont repair anything rather than replacing. Another guy from the workshop agrees with my opinion where he too heard of similar things happened.   Mean while the guy who was attending me hearing this just started the car and saw the ABS light turned ON and switch off the car. He was very much particular in this regard and told me that my conclusion was wrong since he knew from the console that the sensor is to be replaced. All my efforts to convince him went in vain as he knew from the intensity of light which was turned ON in the console ( keeping in mind that he never rides the car or check its brake capacity or anything else. In fact it was my mistake to repair my car there).   I called up his boss who did my service last time, gave me an exorbitant bill, asked him not to go for a replacement rather it will be better to clean and check for few days and he assured me in this regard.   Around 2:30  in the noon, I got a call from the supervisor who was assigned to me and informed me that the sensor is showing an error and now its showing continuously. I argued him with the reason is that a problem which is occurring sporadically  within a limited time frame with the existing condition, will get worsen on making it in a better condition. So its because of cleaning it make the problem enlarged. He doesn't have any reply for that which I were sure that their target was to get it replaced at any cost. But I resist in doing so, conveyed my disinterest in this sort of this and asked him to look once more.   Amid of these gimmicks and my dislike in talking with my supervisor, I thought it would be better to talk with concerned manager or someone above him, for which I do have only one number which is the land line number (0484 – 2431838)  of the service station at Cheranellore, Kochi.   I rang at the booking landline number at Kairali Ford Service, Cheranellore. It was ringing, but not answering. Did the same thing for the next 25 minutes, but all went in vain, simply ringing but not answering or picking the phone.   I tried at another service station at Palarivattom and inquired about the reason why the concerned people at Cheranellore are not picking up the phone, for which I got the reply is that, its because of the people there at Cheranellore will be in meeting, for that reason they may not be able to answer the phone. They were helpless in providing me any alternative in this regard and was asked me to wait for some time to get it connected.   Let me ask you one thing ….What is the meaning of SERICE  in this context ?? Is this the sort of new generation servicing system ?? or If I 'm gonna outdated , its okay …. anyhow I have no issues, after all its not my organization.   Coming back.....   Again I tried for 10- 15 minutes and dropped that effort.   Around 3:50 PM , I got a second call from the concerned supervisor and informed me that sensor must be replaced and there is no other option to do, and another problem arose that left side head lamp was not working, and he was telling me the amount  plus its labour charges where it is just like irritating. It was working fine till at last night and I'm not at all ready to believe. I kept my silence, because I was helpless where I couldn't prove, where the ball was in his court. I asked him to replace the bulb which company gave along with the car when purchased  and I asked him to look into the dashboard  though he was not aware of these sort of things. The irony is that he charged me One hundred and thirty rupay for just changing the bulb, keeping in mind that other labour charges were also included respectively.   Finally I asked him to handover the phone to the concerned person who did my service last time, because I came to know that he is the guy who supervise the fellows and who assured me to do things in the right way. But my supervisor from his attitude, I came to understood that, either he was not interested to pass the phone or else that person was not interested to attend me. He replied me to convey my message to him so that he might ring me back.   The next day, 16th January 2015, went to the service station and took the car while my supervisor was trying to convince which I couldn't bear of because of the drastic and unkindest cut of all those experience which I gained from your dealer made me to stop further explanations in this regard and asked him to settle it without wasting my time.   The front office lady approached me in filling my comments, where I conveyed my disinterest in this regard . I have never asked or mentioned about the way they were handling the land phone there, because  these are the areas where monopoly creeps since the customers already invest heavily on cars and most of the times these guys at the time of reporting for their service due, often use technical terms so as to get the customers perplexed.         Perhaps this is not a first or rare incident in the automobile service sector, where I heard so many realities like this, people do hesitate to react only because of which a car within its warranty period will prefer to do service with the dealer itself, obviously makes him to approach them next time ( its their fate to do ..rather no option left behind ).   I used to watch the activities of service engineers many times at various stations, behaves  like Surgeon and the customers like patient, most of customers are eager to know the cost of service they are going to quote and any discounting from their side as well as any care for their vehicle. Since there were no option left for the customer, they expect such burden and will be adjusted for what these Surgeons prescribed.   Few years back, not even the owners of car within the warranty period but also those who had vehicle beyond the warranty period were hooked up with these gimmicks by the dealer's service stations. Now there is a ray of hope that there are few concerns, which are reputed in maintaining service stations for all new generation cars which we could rely upon them. They have mechanics which can repair rather than replacement and will do the necessary only and its cost effective than a package service. At Dealer service, there is no transparency in service package, even the oil change , air filter etc.. etc .  After the package service at dealer service station, it will be smooth riding for the first two days, after wards, regains to the previous state.     What I have mentioned in my letter is not of any concerns or redressal  relates to any incident occurred in the dealer’s service station. I just mentioned my experience which I had with the station and not any discrepancies from their side or else. Since I know they have their own reason to establish their stand and prove their integrity, I'm not making any effort to correct any action which I don't have any substantial fact regarding the matters concerned, since its my fault of being taking a chance to get repaired even after knowing a rotten smell at the initial stage. So I must stress a point here that this is not a complaint or redressal and not even a suggestion which I don't want to waste my time, even though wasted enormous time in drafting such an essay in this regard.     Towards the inception of Figo in Indian market in 2010, though my wife booked her car and got delivered and it was been used by her father who was a practicing Lawyer at Mavelikkara. This car became hit in that town though every one used to inquire about the car and our feedback which in turn were an impetus in opting for the same by our family friends as well as the relatives, colleagues etc . That was a golden era of Figo and now it become a history. But history wont sell at present, it’s the feedback at present will only make the sale. That’s why I can see now Ford is offering zero down payment option and  dealer is looting as much as from the customers it can.  After all its your business, you have the right to do it, accordingly I do have the right to choose the option which I have, where the automotive industry is widening at its best.   Finally, but immensely, I request not to make any call from your side in this regard where I don't want to waste my time and effort in  convincing me , where I believe cent percent in my eyes and ears and the inner secrets which I came to know from my friends in the similar industry. That's why I hesitate to fill up the suggestion card at the time of payment of service bill and because of that, I was been relieved by attending any suggestion call in this regard from  the call centre. Thanks a lot.     I would like to treat this incident as positive, since it taught me several points in this regard. It helped me to think about other options, finding an alternative way than going always the same route, made me more conscious in the automotive service area. The moral what I learned is that, a person can be deceived or cheated for the first time only…. and if it repeats , then its only his own mistake. Its not worth to lament on others for our mistakes. That’s why I  made my sincere efforts in this regard, not to disclose anyone’s name in this letter.     Hope I wont be annoyed for anymore in this regard...   Thanks for your cooperation in reading   Good Bye !!!       Thanks     Aravind Tharesan   Cell: +91 94476 03359 mailto:         -------------------------------------------------------------- Aravind Tharesan 458/12 , Bhadra Cheranellore Kochi Kerala State PIN – 682 034