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Forest Wealth, Agriculture, Industries Of Andhra Pradesh

==Forest Wealth, Agriculture, Industries Of Andhra Pradesh==

*The extensive forest region which contribute to about 23% of the entire land area of the state, plays a vital role in determining monsoon and the fiscal echelon of the state since it is invariably the land of high yields of teaks, eucalyptus, cashew, bamboo, softwood and other forest products.

*It is no wonder that which it’s sumptuous rice production [[Andhra-Pradesh|Andhra]] is reckoned as the '''Granary of South'''.

*The state is also wayward in industries.

*The industries of Andhra, with their state-of-the-art technologies and latest technical know-how, bring out a variety of products which go through a series of stringent scrutiny of quality assurance and quality control before running into customers.

*Nature has bestowed upon the state, potentially abundant regions of copper ore, manganese, mica, coal, limestone, etc.

*The handloom and handicraft industry has also not lost its lustre.

*The lacquer toys, Anakapathi articles , exclusive pottery, black metal triklets, palm products, Dharmavaram silk and Pochampalli silk sarees which have earned indisputable repute, etc, all bear testimony to the ‘sleight of hand’ behind their making.