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Forms for Employee Provident Fund

'''Forms for Employee Provident Fund'''

There are different forms used by the Employees Provident Fund office for different purposes. I have provided a link here with this article for the different forms depending upon the purpose. Hope this link helps.

However just to summaries the different uses for which the forms may be used are as follows.

'''Usage for the Form by Employees'''
• Form 13 – To Transfer the Provident Fund from one employer to another
• Form 14 – LIC finance application
• Form 19 – For the purpose of Full and final settlement against the Provident Fund account held
• From 20 – A nominee would use this form in case of death of the member
• Form 31 – For advances or withdrawals by the Provident Fund account Member

Apart from the above mentioned forms there could be other forms that could be required for other purposes by the Employees a schedule for the same is being mentioned here under.

'''Usage for the Form by Employer'''
• From 9 (revised) – Details of employees enrolled under the Organization for Provident Fund benefit.
• Form 12 A – Details of amounts recovered from the employees and the employer’s contribution towards the Provident Fund
• Form 5 – Information about the newly enrolled employees
• Form 10 – Details of employees moving out of the organization during the month
• Challans – Challans in triplicate as a proof of the money being deposited in the bank as remittance to the Provident Fund office
• Form 2 (revised) – This is the nomination form
• Form 3A – Projected yearly details of wages and deductions from the employees towards the Provident Fund.
• Form 6A – Actual deductions from employees yearly statement
• Form 5A – Change in owner ship of the organization
• Specimen Signatures – Specimen signature of officers from the employer’s side who would be handling all the matters related to the Provident Fund.

The above mentioned are the most commonly required forms for transacting with the Provident Fund office on a day to day basis. Chances are there could be other forms too, for specific purposes. The above mentioned link would help you get them.


Specimen Signatures – Specimen signature of officers from the employer’s side who would be handling all the matters related to the Provident Fund.

I am about to join a new company A this company wants me to fill form 9 can you tell me why ? Actually the last company i worked i was not member of PF however prior to that i was member in my previous company

pls send me specimen signature form which employer has to send for submitting signatures of persons authorised to sign pf withdrawl forms and all other forms

Please provide me with format of consent by the Employer and the Employees in case of Voluntary Registration under PF Act.

Sir, I need very urgently the format of consent of both Employer and employees with regard to Voluntary Registration where the number of employees are less than the minimum requirement under PF Act. Matter is very urgent.Please reply immeidately.

If my present employer denies to the procedure to withdrawl my PF what legal action I can take.Can I download the PF withdrawl form online?

sir, plz send me form12 a & form 5-10 in excel format and also form 6 a & form 3 a my email id is

Pls refer it will be very usefull for can create all forms with ur datas...

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